IoT Solutions for Telecom Operators

AggreGate is a heart of any umbrella IT infrastructure solution. Having a unique underlying platform, it offers a huge set of data storage processing and visualization tools with many other management/monitoring solutions (SCADA/BMS, Access Control, etc.) which are not just integrated but share the same data model. This guarantees our partners an ability to complete highly tailored projects for the world’s largest telecom operators in a very short timeframe.

IoT Cloud Services Platform

Owning a data center and targeting the IoT market? AggreGate can be deployed as a white-label isolated multi-tenant core or your IoT cloud. It integrates with the virtualized infrastructure, billing systems and customer portal to allow offering both barebone IoT platform instances and vertical IoT services to partners and end customers.

With AggreGate, you can concentrate on building an ecosystem of technology and alliance partners operating their device fleets and IoT applications within your infrastructure.

Our IoT cloud business model works in B2B2B, B2B2C and B2B2G scenarios. We combine your customer reach, data centers and network with our understanding of IoT service expectations of SMBs and their implementation by IoT OEMs. We help bring your IoT PaaS/SaaS cloud into operation within a single year from the first contact to the start of a marketing campaign.

Infrastructure Management From the Last Mile to a Cloud

Providing a cross-tier converged visibility for the whole network from the core to the last mile, the system concentrates on the SLAs, dynamic baselining and capacity planning instead of "device monitoring".

IT infrastructure monitoring provided by AggreGate makes up an end-to-end control ecosystem for:

Routers and switches
Traffic structure
WAN link quality
IP SLA violation
VoIP performance
Wireless and virtualized infrastructure
Configurations and compliance

Choosing AggreGate as a solution provider for your IT infrastructure monitoring, you are sure to get:

A single point of incident and situation management, response plan actions and debriefing
Operating Global Control Centers that collect information from multiple NOCs around the globe using a unique server-to-server peering architecture
Tracking for all networks from the 4G/WiMAX/LTE to MPLS VPNs via a comprehensive support for demarcation devices and other rare SNMP-enabled network monitoring equipment

Radio Relay Monitoring

Telecom Operators

Alfa Satcom Systems


Network Manager

Discovery and visualization of the topology within a radio relay network based on the NEC iPasoLink equipment. Monitoring of the L2 network topology, traffic figures, inventory data, and equipment log files.

Corporate Network Monitoring

Telecom Operators



Network Manager

Visiotech Finland Oy used the AggreGate Network Manager solution to monitor the status of its customers Internet connections.

Monitoring of Telecom Tower Energy Supply

Telecom Operators




AggreGate SCADA/HMI-based reference solution for managing the power systems of base cellular stations. A number of installations within the international communications networks (Airtel, Telenor, Etisalat, and others).

In-Depth Monitoring from Services down to Network

Delivering a superior overall system quality, AggreGate features a number of essential monitoring tools allowing to:

Model the company-specific business services
Calculate the overall network KPIs using custom business rules
Get the visualized dynamic network topology on all levels: OSI L2/L3, VLANs, MPLS LSP cloud, OSPF/BGP connectivity
Enrich alerts and incidents by the information pulled from any Asset Management, Inventory, DCIM or other CMDB-enabled systems
Create automatic and interactive responses to the alarms, including their conversion into trouble tickets and forwarding into the Service Desk, ITSM and OSS/BSS software
Handle the peak loads and minimize DDoS attack impact
Get the in-depth visibility into MPLS cloud via the MPLS LSP tunnel status tracking, LSP path route tracing, and MPLS VPN health degradation monitoring

Have a go with AggreGate and let your IT teams enjoy the benefits of real-time telecom infrastructure management.

Telecom Operator Network Monitoring

Telecom Operators



Network Manager

Monitoring of the Internet service provider network throughout the city. Cisco equipment. Access control equipment monitoring and power management in comcenters.

Telecom Tower Monitoring

Telecom Operators

Not Disclosed


IoT Platform

Monitoring of the active base station equipment and environmental parameters, video surveillance and perimeter control sensors.