IoT Solutions for Utilities

The rapid urban population growth and active housing development bring new challenges into the utilities industry. For example, in the water supply sector the demand is corrected towards the increased production level and higher purification quality. At the same time, more and more utility companies are forced to limit the personnel and introduce unattended operations.

Tibbo programmable controllers and AggreGate SCADA/HMI system face the controversy by offering an end-to-end solution for building the automated cost-effective operations for processing facilities. Long-term business benefits assume a reliable service will be provided with the minimal service visit count and lower overall costs.

AggreGate SCADA/HMI provides real-time control and process visualization for the consumables distribution and processing organizations of different scale and type, including the sanitation systems, municipalities, water filtration/desalination/remediation plants, and more.

Technical superiority of the AggreGate-based solution is ensured by:

Perfect support for installations where the data acquisition and control equipment is distributed over a large geographical area Support for virtually all RTU/PLC/EFM protocols typical for the water and wastewater industry (Modbus, OPC, OPC UA, SNMP, Meter-Bus, DLMS/COSEM, and more)
Advanced automatic meter reading capabilities and integration with the billing systems whenever necessary Cross-platform architecture allowing saving on the Windows Server licenses and dump the historical usage values into an open database (such as MySQL)
Remote monitoring of the sub-center equipment via GPRS or radio links Integrated security, failover clustering and distributed architecture

Remote Water Reservoir Monitoring


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IoT Platform

AggreGate-based remote monitoring system for the local pump control to cater for a condition like low water level interlock in order to protect the pump from running under dry conditions.

Solutions for Water and Wastewater

AggreGate SCADA/HMI and other products based on the AggreGate IoT Platform solve numerous problems:

Remote monitoring of the pumping and distribution stations
Advanced automatic water meter reading
Long-term usage statistics collection (daily/weekly/monthly/yearly minimums, maximums and averages)
Usage trend analysis and production performance optimization
Compliance reporting for water and gas
Supervisory control of the water treatment and reclamation plants
Supervisory control of the waste purification processes
Centralized control of a large processing station network

AggreGate can perfectly integrate with the legacy systems and also provide the lower data acquisition layer by forwarding the water usage/flow data to ERP and other BI systems or, inversely, process/store/visualize the flow-related data collected from an existing SCADA system.

Municipalities and water providers operating a large number of similar facilities (such as pump stations) may create a reference project based on the AggreGate Platform. This project will include the models and visualization components (widgets, dashboards) covering the turnkey control and monitoring for a typical facility. This reference project may be quickly re-deployed multiple times, while a central server may provide a supervisory control for the facility management servers through the AggreGate distributed architecture.

Field Technician Team Management


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Analytics and Business Intelligence

Field technician team management. Service order management and reporting. Spare part management.


Northbound and southbound connections of AggreGate used in the utilities sector include:

Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) Distributed Control Systems (DCSs) Business Intelligence (BI) and Reporting systems
Electronic Field Measurement (EFM) servers Tank/Reservoir Measurement systems Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) Flow Measurement systems Maintenance and Asset Management systems