Oracle GlassFish Server Monitoring

AggreGate Oracle GlassFish Server Monitoring

Oracle GlassFish Server is a popular high-performance JavaEE application server. It is massively used in a corporate sector, data centers and cloud environments worldwide. With proper settings, it provides a smooth work of high-load applications. The GlassFish’s high performance level and response time reduction can only be achieved by establishing a continuous monitoring which may seem to be a complex task. However, low performance of your enterprise applications might cause severe financial losses so mind your Oracle GlassFish Server health in good time.

AggreGate Network Manager moves up your server-level and application-level troubleshooting to a much higher level. The Manager provides 24-hour monitoring of your servers presenting all information in a single console. It provides a comprehensive monitoring keeping track of current data as well as collecting statistical information while you get a chance to plan your resource extension in advance. The Manager cuts your software license & hardware upgrade costs by advising you which exact resources must be replaced or upgraded.

The Manager makes it easy to monitor the following Oracle GlassFish Server performance metrics:

General information on server and applications Threads Query statistics
Memory utilization Server traffic Transaction statistics
Active sessions Detailed statistics of HTTP and servlet errors And more
Active connections Cache usage