Microsoft SharePoint Server Monitoring

AggreGate Microsoft SharePoint Server Monitoring

Microsoft SharePoint Server is one of the leading collaboration solutions. This server type is designed to cover a huge set of tasks, like building the enterprise information portals and social networks, enterprise search and enterprise content management, business process management and business analytics.

For this reason, the SharePoint quality monitoring should be among the top targets for a company. The SharePoint Server includes a variety of components determining the overall system performance. Finding a bottleneck among all these components can be a challenge. It’s even harder to predict possible problems before they show up. Regular monitoring is a key to the performance consistency.

System bottlenecks can be connected either with hardware and lack of resources for the user transaction request processing or software when the operations demand more resources than usual. Quick troubleshooting significantly reduces hardware and software expenses. Moreover, a shortened response time will satisfy the system users. AggreGate Network Manager tackles these tasks easily assessing the overall Microsoft SharePoint status and each component apart. The Manager will significantly cut your troubleshooting time.

Microsoft SharePoint Server Core Metrics

AggreGate Network Manager tracks all Microsoft SharePoint Server performance counters, including:

Cache size, hit ratio and usage Web page request queue
Number and size of cache items Detailed information on Excel Calculation services
Number and usage of allocations, garbage collector work, and other MS Foundation metrics Search system performance, sessions, requested documents
SQL request-in-process queue Web application performance metrics