Mobile Device Management

Regardless of whether you call the technology Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT), mobile devices are the eyes and ears of an enterprise.

AggreGate can securely manage and monitor different wireless devices deployed across a large area, including the CDMA/GSM/3G/LTE modems and modules, industrial SMS gateways, mobile POS devices, smartphones, etc. Depending on a device type, the platform can provide:

Remote control and administration services
Centralized over-the-air distribution of the firmware and application components
Replication of configuration changes between the devices
Monitoring of the device availability
Geographical tracking and dynamic mapping for the devices occupied with GPS modules
SIM card activation/deactivation
Traffic monitoring, archiving and statistics
Data backup and restoration
User-defined mobile asset information tracking
Data logging and reporting

Rich connectivity options provided by AggreGate allow employing different mobile device management protocols, including OMA DM, oneM2M, and TR-069.

MDM-To-Enterprise Middleware

As an all-in-one enterprise infrastructure and situation management solution, AggreGate can integrate with any existing Mobile Device Management software for reaching many objectives, including:

Playing a role of an umbrella M2M platform for telecom operators
Ensuring the unparalleled technology coverage that includes a BTS/tower monitoring on the other end
Injecting the MDM system's statistics and KPIs into the executive dashboards and reports
Centralized initiation of the mobile software enrollment actions
Consolidating MDM events into the unified corporate event/alert processing workflow
Upscaling supervision of the mobile content and application management
Providing a single point of integration between the MDM and other enterprise systems, including digital signage and kiosks, infrastructure management, ERP, ITSM, etc.