Driver Development Kit

Driver development

AggreGate Driver Development Kit (DDK) is a part of AggreGate SDK that allows implementing custom drivers in the Java programming language. We do our best to provide drivers for all standard communication protocols and offer driver development services. However, our partners are free to implement drivers for any proprietary protocols used by their specific devices and data sources.

Technically, drivers are just a kind of server plugins.

Drivers are responsible for:

Device communications and connection/disconnection logic Fetching available assets which are groups of entities (properties/operations/events)
Managing incoming device connections and association between them and specific device accounts Reading and writing values of properties upon requests
Normalization of data, i.e. its conversion to the unified model format Implementing the device operation execution logic
Device authentication and authorization Subscribing to device events and value changes, converting them to system events
Retrieving device metadata (information on available properties, operations and events)