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AggreGate is a white-label full-stack Internet of Things integration platform that drives a digital transformation of your enterprise from connecting the assets to "slicing and dicing" their data for discovering some valuable insights. The Platform and derived vertical products also help integrators, OEMs, telecoms, and MSPs render IoT services running both on the edge and in their cloud.

  • Platform

  • System Integrators and Engineering Companies

    System Integrators and Engineering Companies

    Advanced brick set for on-premise IIoT application deployment

  • OEM Device Manufacturers

    OEM Device Manufacturers

    White-label framework for your device management and monitoring product

  • IoT Gateway Vendors

    IoT Gateway Vendors

    Mature and flexible operating system for edge computing and analytics

  • Telecom Operators

    Telecom Operators

    Unified foundation for IoT services in your network and cloud

  • Enterprises


    Umbrella command and control center for digitized assets and services

AggreGating Your Business

Large Enterprise
System Integrator
Engineering Company
Telecom Operator
Managed Service Provider
Installs on-premise and runs in private clouds
Perpetual licenses with one-off payments
Replacement or integration of the existing vertical market products (SCADA, NMS, BI, etc.)
Wide expertise in large heterogeneous infrastructures
Operation in the Manager of Managers scenario
On-site support and a full range of professional services
Advanced technology based on the unified data model
Small or Medium Enterprise
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
IoT Gateway Vendor
Own public cloud infrastructure
Classic PaaS/SaaS pricing model
Rapid and cost-effective IoT application enablement
Rebranding to your corporate identity
Deep customization to meet your business model
Reliable infrastructure landed in multiple data centers worldwide
Advanced technology based on the unified data model

Worldwide Credibility

McDonald’s is using AggreGate IoT Platform
Airtel is using AggreGate Platform
Wipro is using AggreGate solution
Coast Oil Company is using AggreGate Platform
Gazprom is using AggreGate solution
Telenor is using AggreGate
National Instruments is using AggreGate Platform
Sibur is using AggreGate Network Manager
VimpelCom is using AggreGate Platform
Giga-TMS Inc. is using AggreGate Time and Attendance
Maskom is using AggreGate
Nitec is using AggreGate solution
PNPA is using AggreGate
DMS is using AggreGate IoT Platform
Petersburg Oil Terminal is using AggreGate
Shree Renuka Sugars is using AggreGate SCADA/HMI
Pakistan State Oil is using AggreGate Time and Attendance solution
IPC2U is using AggreGate Platform
Keytroller is using AggreGate Fleet Management
Easytrace is using AggreGate
inCharge Control Solutions is using AggreGate Building Automation
Coolsure is using AggreGate
Bosch is using AggreGate
Intoximeters Inc. is using AggreGate
Naumen is using AggreGate
Flexenclosure is using AggreGate solution for remote monitoring and management
UAS is using AggreGate solution
Pony Express is using AggreGate solution for comprehensive monitoring of a multibranch enterprise IT infrastructure
Minibar Systems is using AggreGate Platform
University IT Infrastructure Monitoring


  • IoT Awards 2020
  • IoT Awards 2019
  • The Silicon Review recognized Tibbo as one of the 50 innovative companies to watch in 2018
  • awarded Tibbo with the Reader's Choice Winner Award in 2014
  • The Silicon Review recognized Tibbo as one of the 50 innovative companies to watch in 2018
  • PC Magazine recognized Tibbo AggreGate as one of the best software 2016

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