Solaris Monitoring

AggreGate Solaris Monitoring

AggreGate Network Manager is a perfect tool for tracking operability and performance of your Solaris servers. It is also ideal for monitoring, profiling and reporting on your Solaris Zones.

The Network Manager finds all Solaris hosts in your networks and automatically adds them to the network inventory. Monitoring of all metrics exposed via SNMP starts out-of-the-box.

Solaris monitoring capabilities include (but aren't limited to) collecting, reporting, visualization and alerting for:

CPU load Network interfaces and traffic SAR command output (via SSH)
Disk space usage Disk I/O performance RAID controller status (via SSH)
Physical/virtual/swap memory usage Processes and SMF-managed services ZFS and pools statistics (via SSH)
Log files, including messages file (via FTP) System events (via Syslog) Sun Cluster status (via SSH)

Solaris SNMP-based monitoring is performed via standard MIB files, injecting hundreds of different metrics into a server-side device snapshot and enabling further analysis with a few mouse clicks. Standard operations (such as Solaris OS detection, CPU/memory/disk monitoring, etc.) are implemented by using models, allowing full customization.