System Architecture

AggreGate IoT platform for all vertical market products and solutions

AggreGate is a strong foundation for all vertical market products and solutions created atop of it.

Even products that compete with traditionally powerful and functionally rich monitoring/management systems benefit from the features that are "imported" from other domains. For example, AggreGate Network Manager product includes advanced form/map/dashboard editor that came from the industrial automation world. At the same time, AggreGate SCADA/HMI product can store long-term trends in a round-robin database that was traditionally used in IT infrastructure monitoring products.

Unified Data Model

Unified Data Model

Generic flexible approach for configuring, controlling and monitoring any device, data source or system object.

Modular architecture

Modular Architecture

New data processing and visualization modules can be installed into the server core as plug-ins.

High performance

High Performance

Acquiring, storing and analyzing up to several hundred thousand events and value changes per second on a single server.

High availability

Failover Clustering

Each server can have multiple redundancy servers forming a failover cluster. Employment of internal or native database clustering technology.

Distributed architecture

Distributed Architecture

A server can establish multiple horizontal and vertical links with other servers, forcing proper role distribution and load balancing in multi-tiered installations.

Horizontal Cluster

Horizontal Cluster

A special variant of deploying AggreGate Platform that is designed for huge multi-tenant installations.

Secure environment

Secure Environment

Flexible and customizable security architecture for complex multi-tenant environments.

Open communications

Open Communications

Open and well-documented communication protocol for data exchange between servers, agents and client applications.



Role-based access control permissions. Optional external authentication via LDAP or Active Directory.



Marketplaces hosted by Tibbo and our partners enable distribution of individual server plugins and platform-based products.