Connecting Your Devices

Device connection to the AggreGate IoT platform

Virtually any device or data source can be connected to AggreGate using an Agent or a Driver.

The Agents are normalizing device data on the edge while the drivers do this in the cloud.

This difference in approach makes the connection style selection a matter of every specific project.

Device connecton using an Agent
Device connecton using a Driver

Device-side data normalization

Server-side data normalization

Standalone software library

Software plugin for AggreGate Server

Open-source Agent Development Kit, available in Java, .NET, C/C++, Android, .NET Compact, Tibbo BASIC, and more

Open-source Driver Development Kit, Java-based

Device-to-server communications using the secure, open and documented AggreGate Protocol

Device-to-server communications using native protocols, such as Modbus, OPC, SNMP or MQTT

  • Device-side data buffering during the server disconnection
  • Guaranteed event delivery is possible
  • Delivery rates up to 500 000 events/updates per second can be reached for the PC-based agents
  • Custom implementation of the AggreGate protocol is possible
  • No device-side development is necessary
  • No server-side development is necessary if a standard communication protocol is used
  • Tibbo offers a driver development service suitable for well-documented proprietary communication protocols
  • Flexible driver is available for non-programmatic driver implementation

Out-of-the-Box Agents

  • PC-based Agent for monitoring software and services on a server or a workstation
  • Agent that exposes data from a lower-tier AggreGate Server to a higher-tier server, e.g. from the IoT Edge to the Cloud

Out-of-the-Box Drivers

  • 50+ drivers for standard protocols
  • Many drivers for the widespread proprietary protocols, e.g. Omron FINS

IoT Edge Gateways

AggreGate server can also run on the industrial PCs, Linux PLCs, single-board computers, and specialized IoT gateways. It provides the local monitoring, control and decision-making, as well as data buffering for higher-tier server connections.