Database Monitoring

AggreGate Network Manager helps the database administrators (DBAs) and system administrators diagnose and fix the database server failures and performance issues.

Using the JDBC/ODBC connectivity, AggreGate Network Manager can remotely connect to any widespread database engine, including Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird, Sybase, IBM DB2, InterSystems Caché, and others.

Database Performance Diagnosis

Skilled DBAs plan the inventory requirements in advance by predicting database performance trends for the near future. AggreGate Network Manager facilitates such planning by providing the performance statistics for the "probe queries".

In addition, the system can raise an alert if the execution time of a certain query crosses a given threshold. Once an alert notification is received via SMS or email, the database administrator can start investigating the issue immediately.

Query Result Analysis

AggreGate Network Manager executes the arbitrary SQL queries, converts their result sets into the AggreGate format and stores them in the AggreGate Server's database for later analysis. The queries may be dynamically constructed using the AggreGate Expression Language.

Processing methods for the data retrieved from external databases include:

  • Displaying the pre-processed values on dashboards
  • Custom alerting if the table data matches a certain condition
  • Scheduled emailing of printable reports based on the SQL query results
  • And more

Several query execution modes are available:

  • Periodic or scheduled
  • On event or alert
  • On-demand

Execution of the dynamically constructed insert/update/delete queries is also supported, allowing to alter the remote tables upon AggreGate events.

Off-the-Shelf Database Support