Expression Language

AggreGate IoT Platform expression language

AggreGate IoT Platform has its own expression language. The expressions are similar to formulas used throughout a spreadsheet: those formulas are used to refer values from surrounding cells while AggreGate expressions refer values flowing inside the unified data model.

AggreGate’s expression language is used:

  • In alert triggers, to raise an alert when a complex condition is satisfied
  • In event filters, to select events that match several criteria
  • In trackers, to monitor composite values
  • In reports, for fetching report source data
  • In charts, for calculating data item values
  • In widgets, for binding server and device data values with user interface components
  • In models, for evaluating the outcome of business rules
  • In hundreds of other cases

Expressions are simple to use due to the automatic type conversion. In addition to ordinary operators and literals, the expression language has a vast library of functions:

String processing functions Table processing functions
Number processing functions Functions for accessing contexts
Date and time processing functions And more
Color processing functions

Visual Expression Builder helps to create and test complex expressions without much coding.