PostgreSQL Monitoring

AggreGate PostgreSQL Monitoring

PostgreSQL is a high-performance object-relational database management system (DBMS). It’s widely used for the distributed and high-load applications ensuring good performance of various systems around the world. Database managers face a challenging task of the performance up-keep and fault diagnostics.

AggreGate Network Manager includes out-of-the-box PostgreSQL monitoring dashboards and takes on the challenging job. It provides before-the-fact warnings about the potential problems and collects comprehensive statistics reducing your bottleneck search time. The collected data allows you to plan the resource leveling and hardware extension before a trouble arises. The Manager’s strong point is its ability to monitor DBMS together with hardware, OS performance and communication channels equally well. Moreover, it provides massive opportunities to create the custom PostgreSQL diagnostic queries.

PostgreSQL monitoring metrics include:

User activity Trigger statistics Tabular data
Database size Lock statistics Database operation statistics
Index information Buffer utilization efficiency And more