Agent SDK

Agent development

Agent SDK is a software library that is embedded into the firmware or internal application of your device. It makes a secure network connection to the AggreGate Server, making your device capable of centralized monitoring, control, configuration, management, and upgrading.

The Agent library is available on multiple platforms, including Java, .NET, C/C++, Android, and more.

Similarly to drivers, agents are responsible for:

Communications with AggreGate servers, authentication and authorization Implementing device operation execution logic
Connection/disconnection handling logic Asynchronous sending of value updates and events to the server
Normalizing data available inside your device, i.e. connecting it to the unified model format Optional buffering of updates and events internally if the server connection is unavailable
Exposing available properties, operations, events, as well as their formats and groups Implementing the event delivery confirmation logic
Replying to property read/write requests and implementing their logic