Oracle Monitoring

AggreGate Oracle Monitoring

Oracle Database as an object-relational database management system is a leading platform for developing high-load distributed enterprise data storage and analytical systems. Most of the business processes depend on the system performance which must be efficiently monitored.

AggreGate Network Manager provides the continuous out-of-the-box Oracle monitoring with no agents involved. The Manager keeps real-time track of Oracle metrics putting no extra load on your servers. It contains all desirable tools for the profound database monitoring by using an out-of-the-box solution or visually developing own monitoring toolsets. Database administrators will benefit from an easy setup of the Oracle performance control and bottlenecks detection.

Oracle Database metrics monitored by the AggreGate Network Manager include:

Server and database general information
Physical and logical I/O
Table space utilization
Redo Logs usage
Rollback segment
Active users, sessions and used resources
Server processes
Buffer hit ratio
System Global Area (SGA) usage
SUSAUX metadata repository usage
And many more