Network Traffic Monitoring

AggreGate Network Traffic Monitoring

To provide a reliable network, an administrator has to:

  • Detect network problems quickly, before they escalate
  • Reveal roots of the problems and solve them
  • Ensure quality of service

AggreGate Network Manager helps you by offering an integrated environment for network performance analysis.

Traffic and Bandwidth Statistics

Most network troubles can be detected by monitoring specific network interfaces for traffic going through, bandwidth utilization, errors and discarded packets.

AggreGate Network Manager collects this information and makes it available in various forms:

  • Alerts: Interface Down, Too High Utilization, etc.
  • Charts: Visualization of Interface Traffic, Bandwidth Utilization, Error Packets, etc.
  • Reports: Top Traffic/Bandwidth, High Bandwidth Utilization, and more.

You can then analyze real-time and historical data to optimize your network.

NetFlow and sFlow Monitoring

NetFlow-based traffic decomposition lets you:

  • Identify most intensive network users (hosts/applications/protocols)
  • Estimate the percentage of unproductive traffic
  • Discover and track usage patterns
  • Measure network growth
  • Detect security threats

The NetFlow plugin collects network flows. These can then be used for producing useful reports and custom charts. You supply the data elements along with filtering, grouping and sorting criteria, while AggreGate then generates a chart.