Telecom and Cell Tower Monitoring

AggreGate is an all-in-one solution for centralized monitoring of a cell tower infrastructure. Tibbo's multi-year experience in the M2M and telemetry market, as well as off-the-shelf solutions for industrial automation and IT management, help us solve the most sophisticated objectives raised by the tower operators. Our solutions are perfectly suitable for multi-tenant cell tower infrastructures that benefit from sharing the tower services between multiple service providers.

Power Monitoring

AggreGate provides real-time monitoring and performance optimization analytics for the tower power units. Those units normally handle a complicated switching logic maintaining a balance between the usage of grid power, Genset, solar panels, wind turbine, and accumulated energy.

The tower's local AggreGate Server can connect to a power controller and rectifier of any type via standard protocols or custom device drivers. AggreGate Distributed Architecture helps the tower mini-servers to choose between:

  • Storing the data in a local database and sending the totals/KPIs on-demand
  • Immediate uploading of all measurements to the central server

The remote setpoint control, switching rules adjustment, usage metrics reporting, power efficiency analytics, centralized power status visualization, and real-time power failure alerting – that's the outcome you should expect.

Monitoring of Telecom Tower Energy Supply

Telecom Operators




AggreGate SCADA/HMI-based reference solution for managing the power systems of base cellular stations. A number of installations within the international communications networks (Airtel, Telenor, Etisalat, and others).

Fuel Monitoring

Diesel fuel monitoring is evidently crucial for ensuring an uninterruptible tower equipment operation. AggreGate can:

Poll the fuel level sensors and predict the next refill date based on current usage trends
Detect the fuel theft and leakages by the dynamic baseline violation or fuel pipe flow sensors polling
Prevent the generator damage by detecting the fuel dilution via special sensors (such as viscosity sensors)
Immediately warn the NOC operators upon any unusual fuel usage patterns
Deliver the infrastructure-wide fuel consumption reports

Security and Access Control

Unattended telecom tower sites are often located in remote areas with the higher criminal risks. Diesel fuel and expensive telecom equipment may become a target for theft. AggreGate provides a centralized tower security supervision and access control to protect the sites from external threats.

The security supervision may include the door contact sensors, motion detectors, perimeter security devices combined to maximize the effect. Shelters and equipment cabinets may have a separate second-level security contour. All security events may be bound to the video recordings.

Environment Monitoring

Internal shelter and cabinet environment are crucial for an uninterrupted tower service. Equipped with many sensors, the tower environment controllers report temperature/humidity readings and various alerts (such as flooding alerts or gas/smoke alerts) to the NOC. Cooling, heating and ventilation equipment failures are also reported.

Similarly to all other alerts, the environment alerts can be aligned to dynamic baselines and make use of different thresholds at different escalation levels.

Video Surveillance

A tower video surveillance system is a very specific video monitoring system that's tailored to performing short recordings upon important events. Those recordings are stored locally and forwarded to the NOC on the best effort basis. Inexpensive recorders with analog cameras can also be used in most cases.

GSM/UMTS/LTE Equipment Monitoring

A tower controller can establish SNMP connections to the GSM/UMTS/LTE equipment for collecting health/performance metrics, including voltages, fan status, card/module/interface statistics, and much more.

Tenant-specific readings collected from the cellular equipment are integrated into the overall network map.

NOC Dashboards and Maps

AggreGate IoT Platform provides the industry-best processing and visualization for your tower network. The integrated visual editors ensure rapid development of a company-specific operator interface that includes the status dashboards, alert dashboards, geographical maps with drill-down capabilities and tower-to-tower link visualization, and more.

Service Desk Integration

AggreGate can convert certain alerts into incidents that will be dispatched within the AggreGate Service Desk or any other trouble ticketing system. Technicians can access the Service Desk in the field from their smartphones. The incidents are enriched with all relevant asset information and auto-closed if the originating alert condition is void.

Telecom Tower Monitoring

Telecom Operators

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IoT Platform

Monitoring of the active base station equipment and environmental parameters, video surveillance and perimeter control sensors.

Centralized BTS Cooling Management


Not Disclosed

Hong Kong

IoT Platform

AggreGate-based product for remote monitoring and service of the BTS shelter cooling equipment.

Radio Relay Monitoring

Telecom Operators

Alfa Satcom Systems


Network Manager

Discovery and visualization of the topology within a radio relay network based on the NEC iPasoLink equipment. Monitoring of the L2 network topology, traffic figures, inventory data, and equipment log files.