A Marketplace is a special AggreGate server that runs a “Marketplace” module. Its job is to provide modules (AggreGate server plugins) and their combinations (also known as Solutions) to other AggreGate servers. Those other servers connect to a Marketplace server to download selected modules and install them locally. Thus, Marketplaces enable centralized distribution of solutions and modules across large AggreGate ecosystems.

Our company is operating the publicly available global Marketplace that may be used to download our standard solutions and modules into any partner's or customer's AggreGate servers. However, our large partners host their own dedicated Marketplaces to distribute their products among their end customers.

Modules and solutions published in a Marketplace may target different versions of AggreGate, ensuring compatibility with current and older versions of the platform. It’s also possible to restrict usage to a specific operating system, the option indispensable for modules that include OS-specific code and configuration.