AggreGate Network Management Framework

AggreGate Network Manager is based on the AggreGate Device Management Platform. This helps network equipment manufacturers, managed service providers and system integrators build and deliver the custom-tailored network management solutions. Branding and customization options of the AggreGate IoT Platform along with its open-source SDK allowed us to provide our OEM partners with the AggreGate Network Management Framework.

AggreGate Network Management Framework is a combination of the AggreGate core, network data processing modules and related device drivers (SNMP, Syslog, NetFlow, etc). The open-source Driver Development Kit (DDK) and Plugin SDK are designed to extend the system with custom functionality and guarantee a very low time-to-market for the vendor-specific network management solutions.

Features and Benefits

Here are some important characteristics of the AggreGate Network Management Framework:

Open-source APIs allow the integration with third-party systems (billing, asset management, Help Desk, CRM, etc.)
Software Development Kit (SDK) for designing new network data processing and presentation modules, dashboards, widgets, charts, reports, etc.
Driver Development Kit (DDK) for interfacing with any networked hardware using the non-standard protocols.
Visual GUI and report builders for designing the custom look and feel of your application with minimal programming efforts.
Unique technology brings many out-of-the-box features and business benefits to any network management product.
Flexible OEM licensing policy for the Network Hardware Vendors, System Integrators, Value-Added Resellers, and Service Operators.

If you are interested, please contact Tibbo to get in touch with our OEM project manager.

Umbrella IT management middleware

Manager of Managers

In large environments, AggreGate is often used as an umbrella IT management middleware or Manager of Managers (MoM). In this scenario, it acts as a bridge between the NMS/EMS systems and ITSM/Helpdesk/Service Desk systems. AggreGate collects and consolidates the alerts from diverse generic and vendor-specific management systems, normalizes and enriches them by using the information pulled from the Inventory systems, and then forwards these enriched alerts to the ITSM systems by converting them to trouble tickets and maintenance orders.

Those tickets are then managed by AggreGate, i.e. auto-closed upon the alarm deactivation.