UPS/PDU/Genset Monitoring

AggreGate Network Manager monitors all types of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) devices and Power Distribution Units (PDUs), regardless of their vendor:

Advanced UPS units

that are initially network-enabled or equipped with add-on Ethernet modules are monitored via SNMP protocol.

Simple UPS units

that only have a serial console can be monitored using the external Serial-over-IP converters by processing their console status output.

AggreGate provides the overview tables/maps and device-specific dashboards visualizing the spot values and historical trends of diverse KPIs:

Unit operational status Remaining battery time
List of active alerts Load percentages
Bypass mode state Temperature readings
Per-input voltages, currents and frequencies Any other metrics exposed via SNMP
Per-battery statuses and charge/discharge currents

Industrial UPS Monitoring at Power Plants

Power Engineering

United Energy Company


Network Manager

In-depth monitoring and diagnostics of the industrial UPS units by APC and PowerCom, modular FlatPack2 UPS units by Eltek, as well as TSI Bravo inverters.

Monitoring of Telecom Tower Energy Supply

Telecom Operators




AggreGate SCADA/HMI-based reference solution for managing the power systems of base cellular stations. A number of installations within the international communications networks (Airtel, Telenor, Etisalat, and others).

Diesel Generator Monitoring

Data center power and energy management coverage won't be complete without a vendor-agnostic monitoring of the Diesel Generator Units (DGUs). AggreGate can connect to DGUs via any standard communication protocol, including Modbus, OPC, OPC UA, SNMP, and more.

Similarly to UPS/PDU monitoring, the Genset monitoring functionality covers the overall and device-specific storage, charting, trending, reporting, and further processing for:

Fuel levels Oil pressure Water and oil temperatures
Battery status Power output details Current alarms
Maintenance status Manual shutdown switch status Any other available metrics

Alert Consolidation

There are several classes of situations detected by the monitoring server:

  • Threshold violation (detected by polling a certain metric)
  • Asynchronous error notification (received as a unit-generated event, e.g. as an SNMP trap)

Events can seriously range in their severity, starting from the notice-level "pending scheduled maintenance" notifications and up to the critical "battery low" warnings. All UPS/Genset events are stored in the server database and forwarded to notify the system administrators via popup windows, sound alarms or E-Mail/SMS messages.