Server API

AggreGate Application Programming Interface (API)

AggreGate provides open-source Application Programming Interface (API) for remotely accessing the server from Java, .NET, C/C++, Android and other environments of third-party applications.

This API is a software library that embeds into your code and enables full secure remote control over the server and all devices connected to it.

AggreGate Server API allows you to:

Access server resources and connected devices
Modify server and device configuration
Execute server and device operations
Receive server and device events
AggreGate API capabilities

Technically, the API gives you full access to the unified model via the AggreGate protocol. This effectively means you can remotely access and manipulate any data provided by standard server plugins and third-party plugins, including your own developments.

It's also possible to control the server using web services without embedding any library into your application.