Integration via Drivers


Except for using the server API and web services, third-party applications can interact with AggreGate using most of the supported protocols.

Depending on the nature of the selected protocol, available operations can be limited to reading/writing values, executing operations or subscribing to events.

  • If a protocol (such as Modbus or SNMP) supports value reading/writing, a third-party system can become a data source for AggreGate, or the platform server can push arbitrary data into this system via write operations. For some protocols, AggreGate server can also "become a device" and service incoming read/write requests by returning or storing custom data.
  • If a protocol (such as SOAP or SQL) supports operation execution, AggreGate can push data into other systems by passing user-defined input into those operations. Operations usage may assume both data acquisition (via input values) or exposition (via output values). In some cases, AggreGate server can play a slave role by responding to operation requests initiated by other software.
  • If a protocol (such as MQTT or Syslog) supports event delivery, AggreGate can forward raw data to external systems via events or receive data from them in the form of events.
  • If your application uses a proprietary TCP/UDP-based protocol (with command-reply message scheme or asynchronous inbound messages) to communicate with external systems, AggreGate Flexible Driver can be used as an integration kit for implementing this protocol.
Application interaction with AggreGate via protocols