IoT Solutions for Government

AggreGate is driving numerous systems and processes operated by the federal and municipal governmental agencies in different countries. The extreme flexibility of the IoT Platform helps our authorized partners throughout the world participate in diverse governmental tenders and ensure that the tricky and sophisticated projects remain profitable while matching the contract terms and local regulations.

Smart City

New technologies transform the urban landscape, making cities of the future more efficient, sustainable and comfortable. A smart city assumes that diverse agencies collaborate through the Internet of Things and get live data from the connected devices.

Industrial and building automation products based on the AggreGate Platform offer a strong foundation for fulfilling the Intelligent City infrastructure management projects.

Typical use cases and scenarios include:

Coordinated multi-agency incident and situation management Centralized lighting management
Municipal building automation Power engineering and water/wastewater management
Intelligent traffic control and street light control Public transport automation
Parking automation and monitoring Solutions for education, healthcare, and more

Emergency Notification System Monitoring




Network Manager

Monitoring of the emergency notification speakers, radiation level sensors, communication channels, network equipment, video conference system, as well as operator workstations in different regions.

Electronic Government Infrastructure Monitoring

Electronic government is rightfully considered to be a very complicated distributed business service. The service keeps on running by means of numerous standard and custom enterprise-grade applications deployed in multiple data centers communicating over the WAN links.

It should be noted that the governmental service operations differ from country to country dimming a chance to create a box or a reference solution for the case. Most IT management products fail to provide the end-to-end coverage due to their limited business service modeling and visualization capabilities.

Unlike many others, the AggreGate team has successfully completed some turnkey e-government monitoring projects in several countries, gaining the unique up-to-date expertise in "big data" management.

AggreGate Network Manager and AggreGate Data Center Supervisor products combined provide the "classic" monitoring coverage for network devices, servers, databases and standard enterprise applications, building up a solid e-government ground. The system, for instance, ensures the health of load balancers, web servers and application servers operating in the first line and accepting the electronically signed inquiries from citizens.

Furthermore, AggreGate attaches to hundreds of intermediate points and traces a path of each individual inquiry by analyzing the middleware queues, temporary storage databases, log files and in-memory caches.

National IT infrastructure operators benefit from the advantages of visualizing the routing path through diverse IT systems being able to see which exact subsystem caused a failure or a processing delay. Those inquiries which routine processing time has been exceeded are grouped in several situation center dashboards, offering a click-through functionality for further analysis.

Along with that, large amounts of the collected low-level inquiry data allow employing flexible business rules for evaluating the overall service KPIs, such as per-agency service availability.

AggreGate Network Manager

All governmental monitoring projects completed by the AggreGate team as of today followed a highly scalable distributed architecture schema. The solution involved a separate monitoring server residing in each regional data center and a central server aggregating a limited subset of data from the lower-level servers.

In summary, the integrated AggreGate monitoring solution guarantees high availability at all four tiers: infrastructure, applications, operational services, and business services.

Umbrella Data Center Management


Government of Moscow Region


Data Center Management

IT and engineering infrastructure monitoring for the Moscow Region Government data centers.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring for the State Air Traffic Management Corporation


State Air Traffic Management Corporation


Network Manager

Monitoring of IT infrastructure (HP, EMC, Cisco), Cisco data network between headquarters and branch offices, VSAT satellite channel quality, and printer condition. Consumables and printing services tracking, engineering equipment control.