IoT Solutions for Agriculture

Demand for the agricultural goods is constantly growing to keep up with the world's population growth. However, smart agriculture development assumes not just a horizontal scaling but also a way to increase efficiency.

IoT platforms, gateways, LPWA networks and smart sensors push the industry throughout into a real revolution. The latest technologies are being introduced everywhere while more and more processes get automated.

Products based on the unified AggreGate IoT platform are able to automate a lot of agricultural processes, increasing efficiency and ultimately leading to the financial performance improvement.

Farming Machinery and Livestock Tracking

AggreGate Fleet Manager provides the end-to-end agricultural fleet control of any size:


  • Automatic registration of the car operation modes
  • Control over the travel speed and route
  • Tracking the driver rest time, vehicle downtime
  • Recording the petroleum, oil and lubricant levels
  • Automatic calculation of the maintenance intervals


  • Recording working hours of the combine operators and machinery
  • Monitoring compliance with the work schedule
  • Managing the combine location in the field
  • Taking record of the harvested crops
  • Controlling the harvested crops discharge
  • Determining the area yield levels based on the bunkerage data


  • Tracking working hours of the tractor drivers and machinery
  • Keeping the record of fuel and other technical fluid consumption
  • Monitoring serviceability, operation modes, and the state of suspension mechanisms
  • Following the tractor location using GLONASS/GPS

Loaders Work Detection




Fleet Management

Loader track automated recognition for work interval determination and feed weight calculation according to hopper scales data.

Managing Sorting, Storage and Processing of Harvested Crops

Proper storage and processing of the agricultural products significantly reduce the loss of raw materials or their depreciation. Automating such processes as cleaning, sorting and processing can significantly increase the shelf life of crops as well as lower the personnel costs.

AggreGate takes care of:

Full climate control in the storage facilities Automatic control of the size, weight and other crops characteristics
Managing temperature and humidity in the storage facilities Automatic sorting and separation of the low-quality raw materials
Monitoring the carbon dioxide level in rooms and containers Recording the amount of raw materials

Monitoring of Beetroot State and Storage Conditions




IoT Platform

Monitoring the beet piles via an LPWA-based sensor network, prediction of sugariness, fleet and staff location tracking.

Automatic Ventilation Control




IoT Platform

Ventilation plant automated management based on temperature monitoring data.

Precision Farming and Sensor Networks

AggreGate makes it possible to perform a remote monitoring of soil, plants and animals, as well as management of the irrigation, feeding and other processes. This is based on using multiple sensors integrated into a sensor network.


Monitoring the soil mineralization and moisture
Controlling the plant lighting
Managing the watering and feeding mechanisms
Weather-based crops status prediction

Process Control

AggreGate SCADA/HMI enables automation and supervision for storage and initial processing of the agricultural products. Other modules allow the platform to cover the functions of MES, EAM and technological information control systems or to provide seamless integration with the external systems of those classes.

Sugar Plant Automation




IoT Platform

Industrial data acquisition system at Rusagro sugar plants as a part of the "Smart Manufacturing" program.

Smart Greenhouses


"Maisky" Greenhouse Complex


Industrial Automation

Small-scale combined heat and power plant parameter monitoring. 7 Jenbacher gas piston installations, aggregate capacity of 23,5 MW, 10000 tags.

Livestock Tracking

AggreGate platform bridges your smart edge gateways to the cloud and offers the advanced analytics with GIS coverage to raise the efficiency of your stock farm. There's no difference whether the physical technology in use is LPWAN, RFID, or any other.

Herd and farm monitoring Geofence breach alerting Real-time health tracking
Active or passive RFID tag usage Theft prevention Milk production monitoring

Mobile App for Smart Cattle Farming




IoT Platform

Smart breeding mobile app for farmers with state-of-the-art herd management tools. The app enables smart work organization to save time and improve meat production efficiency, evaluate cattle condition, control grazing routes, cut livestock losses, etc.

Other Solutions

AggreGate's scope is not limited to the listed solutions. In addition to the above, it is possible to monitor the IT infrastructure and business services of large agricultural holdings using AggreGate Network Manager, enable smart metering with AggreGate Meter Reading, as well as implement any non-standard solutions based on the underlying AggreGate IoT Platform.

Internet of Things Platform