HP-UX Monitoring

AggreGate HP-UX Monitoring

AggreGate Network Manager automatically detects and reports the hosts running HP-UX operating system. Monitoring of HP-UX operability and performance via SNMP is auto-enabled since HP-UX SNMP MIBs are included into the Manager's distribution bundle. However, setting up additional monitoring and management via SSH-based remote script execution, Syslog message consolidation and log file analysis through FTP is easy and straightforward.

HP-UX hosts are automatically detected during the network discovery and reported in the inventory. All bundled models, including CPU load, disk/memory usage and network interface traffic, are adapted to HP-UX SNMP MIB, enabling further performance visualization and alerting.

HP-UX metrics monitored by the Network Manager via SNMP include:

Detailed CPU load (user, system, NICE and idle time)
Physical, virtual and swap memory usage
Number of logged users
Average number of jobs (1 minute, 5 minutes and 15 minutes averages)
Network interface type, status, traffic, and errors
Detailed information on processes and filesystems
Other metrics available in standard MIBs

Data that is retrieved via other methods:

  • System events (via Syslog)
  • Log files (via FTP)
  • Detailed output of HP-UX performance tools (via remote script execution)
  • And more