IoT Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

New transportation, distribution and logistics processes make it easier than ever to deliver goods by land, sea or air while managing the schedules, routes and hazards on-the-go. Real-time analytics ensures the awareness of quickly changing conditions, helping make fast though informed decisions. This results in the higher operations efficiency and better customer service.

Keeping up with today's ever-expanding volume of shipments is a real challenge in the quickly globalizing world. Millions of M2M devices have short talks to the command centers via cellular and satellite links, requiring employment of the new-gen Mobile Device Management technologies for getting the end-to-end operations visibility. Here is where the AggreGate solutions come in handy.

Asset Tracking

AggreGate features the GNSS-based and RFID-based asset tracking demanded by the transportation and logistics industries. It provides a wealth of data so that the companies could obtain greater visibility into operations and delivery processes. A higher level of awareness extends to customers, promoting the trust and transparency, and helping improve the customer service models as well as strengthen the relationships.

Our smart platform maintains a seamless overview of the asset physical location, condition and status throughout the supply chain. While the pallets and actual goods are visible on a map, unauthorized access to a container can trigger an alert in a command center. The whole supply chain becomes more efficient and offers further competitive advantage.

AggreGate uses its unique communication technologies to be a perfect tool for:

Tracking cars, trucks, planes, vessels, and containers while maintaining the centralized association with individual shipments
Monitoring the productivity and vehicle performance
Cargo status reporting and alerting, e.g. temperature/humidity trends, geofence breaches and tampering alerts
Quickly determining the location and condition of individual shipments
Real-time unified location reporting backed up with the strong analysis toolset for in-transit decision-making
Managing the huge networks of devices that have periodic server connections and no static IP addresses
Evaluating the internal or external risks, managing and reporting via an integrated process modeling engine
Controlling the costs and reducing the operating risks
Enforcing the shipment service level agreements

AggreGate supports the GIS-neutral asset mapping based on any source (Google, Bing, OpenStreetMap, etc.) and uses the GPS/GLONASS tracking or RFID tagging for the asset positioning.

The product is available in both public and private clouds.

Fleet Management

Fleet management is no longer just about getting goods from point A to point B. Today, it’s about measuring the vehicle and driver performance, finding an optimal route and keeping the resources safe while addressing the regulations.

AggreGate performs all of the above and much more:

Analyzes the driver behavior and evaluates the global fleet/personnel KPIs Performs the remote vehicle operations (e.g., engine shutdown)
Tracks the vehicle data, including speed, direction, odometer reading, fuel level, and more Knows at a glance which vehicles are the closest to an address, customer or landmark
Controls the repair costs and vehicle maintenance routines via preventive maintenance (PM) Provides the real-time device telemetry independent of smart sensor and tracking module vendors
Optimizes the routes, minimizing the waiting times and streamlining the schedules Detects the vehicle/cargo theft and unauthorized use
Cuts the fuel costs by optimizing the routes and reducing the idle time Gradually migrates from the scheduled to predictive maintenance
Reduces the environmental impact by the overall haul optimization Strengthens the driver safety via stress/fatigue detection devices
Reduces the speeding violations and other risky driver behavior Exposes the near-real-time shipping status to end customers
Provides the driving directions to drivers via the in-system messaging

Providing a great visibility, AggreGate allows building the customized fleet maps based on Google Maps, Bing Maps, OpenStreetMap or other GIS. It helps define geofences and delivers the instant geofence breach alerts while your managers get comprehensive reporting (vehicle usage, checklists, accidents, alerts, etc.) in the comfort of their offices.

By applying AggreGate to solve your logistics tasks, you definitely increase the labor and vehicle utilization efficiency. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details.

Earthmover Operation Management

Transportation and Logistics



Fleet Management

This earthmover fleet management solution provides the collection, processing and transmission of GPS data (vehicle coordinates, speed, height, and diesel fuel level in a tank) to the customer’s database.

Smart Warehousing

AggreGate rediscovers the inventory management philosophy by introducing a middleware solution optimizing the workload of warehousing equipment, assets, and operators. All relocations and auxiliary operations can be easily observed, coordinated, automated, and robotized.

IoT principles assume that the inventory and storage condition tracking works in the near-real-time mode. The automated scanning of inbound, outbound and relocated items ensures the load factors and location statuses are always up-to-date.

The logistic center operators also benefit from deep understanding of the equipment productivity. This visibility makes a room for optimizing the connected equipment efficiency.

Forklift Monitoring




Fleet Management

Reference solution for managing the vehicle controllers. Remote impact monitoring and engine shutdowns, texting the drivers, scheduled maintenance verification, and much more.