JBoss Monitoring

AggreGate JBoss Application Server Monitoring

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is a widespread and reliable Java-based application server. Its performance depends on many factors, including:

  • Hardware resources of your JBoss servers (I/O subsystem, CPU load, network interface utilization, memory usage, etc.)
  • Performance of Java Virtual Machines running the JBoss servers (maximum memory allocation, Garbage Collector settings, etc.)

Performance of JBoss EAP directly affects the hosted applications’ performance. Lack of a comprehensive approach to monitoring leaves no chance to define the problem causes or bottlenecks in your system.

AggreGate Network Manager offers a unified JBoss monitoring solution. You’ll be able to set up an efficient round-the-clock server monitoring service in short order. The Manager contains all necessary JBoss monitoring tools and provides massive opportunities for ongoing monitoring, preventing emergencies and performance degradation on the way.

The Network Manager is equally good at the server-level and application-level monitoring.

Key JBoss monitoring metrics:

Memory utilization Queries
Traffic Class metrics
Applications errors Transactions
Threads Environment