Mac OS Monitoring

AggreGate Mac OS Monitoring

AggreGate Network Manager monitors virtually every aspect of Mac OS X servers and workstations.

The most essential availability, operability and performance metrics are automatically collected via SNMP:

Consolidated and detailed CPU load
Physical and virtual memory usage
Filesystem utilization and disk activity
Network interface status and activity
List of installed applications
Processes and their activity

While the capabilities of SNMP monitoring can be further extended, it is sometimes reasonable to use other ways to obtain some specific details and custom characteristics. Examples of the widely used protocols are:

  • SSH which allows executing remote scripts and fetch some useful details, like which application or process causes disk input and output (with iotop, iosnoop, fs_snoop commands), network activity, memory consumption, etc.
  • FTP for remote file monitoring which, for example, allows analyzing log files and proactively diagnose possible performance problems.
  • Syslog to stay notified about the most critical system events.

The Network Manager automatically detects OS X computers and provides ways to process, store, analyze and visualize the collected information. Equipped with models, AggreGate Network Manager performs all the needed operations uniformly, regardless of the actual operating system type.