Device Simulator

Virtual device

When deploying a large-scale distributed IoT solution, you always have to test the whole pipeline of system components starting from hardware devices up to user interface and enterprise integration. However, at this stage hardware devices are either not connected to the server or not producing real data because they aren't doing the actual work they can do once the system goes online.

Device simulator, or virtual device, has been designed to solve this problem by injecting test data into the system. The simulator:

Provides test data as read-write settings of different types, including complex tabular settings Generates signals which change in time according to configurable patterns
Fires test events with custom parameters Simulates communication problems and internal device errors
Implements "device-side" operations for processing any test data coming from the system Provides simulated real-time geographical location data

The simulator can be configured to provide large and extremely large amounts of value updates and events. This is crucial at the system performance testing and optimization stage.

Another feature useful for testing is generation of various time series patterns, such as sine waves or randomly changing values.