Microsoft IIS Monitoring

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An application server named Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) comprises Microsoft services presenting and exchanging information in global and local area networks. This type of server is commonly used in the business environment. The Server sets up a base for applications like SharePoint Server, Commerce Server, BizTalk Server, etc. Millions of websites, whether it’s a small site or a large portal, use it as a web server.

Microsoft IIS Server performance affects the staff productivity as well as the client opinion since a website is a company’s image. At times, it might fail to operate in a 24х7 mode causing the IT infrastructure downtime or performance degradation. Keeping track of the underlying hardware state and IIS status is essential as they are responsible for the website or application availability and response time. By using a comprehensive approach to monitoring, you can get a clear system status picture and will be able to accurately define a problem.

AggreGate Network Manager takes in Microsoft IIS Server monitoring giving timely predictions on existing or potential problems as well as suggesting the best solutions. The Manager provides a monitoring solution for all IIS components, such as Web, FTP, NNTP and SMTP servers, application pools and single applications.

Microsoft IIS Server Key Metrics:

Current connections and users, system logons Traffic
Cache hit ratio Locks
Bug statistics Queries
Queue length