Device Drivers

AggreGate SCADA/HMI Device Drivers

AggreGate SCADA/HMI inherits the open-source Driver Development Kit (DDK) from the underlying AggreGate IIoT Platform.

However, the SCADA package features many additional device drivers for different types of PLCs and other industrial equipment, including OPC, Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, and many more.

The full list of available device drivers is available in the drivers section.

Unlike traditional SCADA systems, AggreGate SCADA/HMI provides a lot of methods to connect non-standard devices, including:

Using bundled drivers
Creating custom software drivers
Using hardware protocol converters (Agents)
Embedding hardware converters into a device design (for OEM projects)
Implementing the AggreGate protocol in a third-party controller (for OEM projects)

Check the connectivity section for more information about the device connection methods.

BACnet OPC Foundation Modbus