Privacy Policy


This privacy policy is developed to address the requirements of current legislation of the “General Data Protection Regulations” (“GDPR”), the data protection law, which applies to personal data processing of those in the European Economic Area (“EEA”). At the end of this Privacy Policy, sections are added that relate exclusively to persons residing in the EEA territory.

General Provisions

Tibbo adheres to the Privacy Policy regarding personal data received from each of the visitors to Tibbo`s Web sites (“Web sites”), including Present Privacy Policy governs which personal data Tibbo can receive through the Web sites and how Tibbo can use the received personal data of the sites visitors.

Tibbo acts as a data controller, i.e. independently or jointly with others, determines the purpose and means of processing, and the procedure for granting access to personal data.

Personal Data

Tibbo does not intend to collect information related to your personal data under the current legislation, as well as Personal data of your employees and counterparties, for example, last name, first name, patronymic name, year, month, date and place of birth, address, company name, place of work, telephone number, e-mail address and other information (“Personal Data”) through Tibbo's Web sites, unless the Personal Data has been voluntarily provided by you.

As a visitor of the Web sites, you are not required to provide your Personal Data to be able to use the site. This web site collects personal information that is provided by visitors strictly on the voluntary basis.

We do not request any information related to personal data specific categories (i.e., race or ethnicity, political beliefs, etc.) from Web site visitors. If necessary, we will send you a request for your direct consent to such data collection and processing.

In order to better understand the Web site’s audience and forecast the visitors number to further improve our products, we may ask you to provide Personal data in the Web site registration form, namely: first name, surname (pseudonym), email address, your workplace company name the scope of its activities. Web-site registration is necessary if you want to subscribe to Tibbo`s newsletters.

By submitting your Personal Data on the voluntary basis, you automatically consent to your Personal Data processing by Tibbo, as well as Personal Data of your employees and counterparties, including their cross-border transfer in accordance with the current applicable legislation on personal data protection.

If you do not want your Personal Data to be processed, please do not provide it.

You free at any time to opt out of e-mailing, as well as other promotions and campaigns that you have participated in as a result of your personal data provision on this Web site.

For more efficient operation of Tibbo`s Web sites, we use third-party services that as data processors i.e. legal entities that process Personal data on behalf of the data controller. These include hosting, postal and mailing services, as well as electronic forms in which we collect data from visitors of Tibbo`s Web sites.

Use of Data

Occasionally, as part of Tibbo Web sites use to obtain access to certain data, participate in surveys or exchange information on topics of your interest, your personal information may require. In such cases, the personal data you provide will be used to process your request, as well as to configure / upgrade Tibbo Web Sites and related services offered to you.

We may also process your Personal data for marketing purposes or send you newsletters and promotional materials (email), or information regarding the services provided by us and our partners, which, in our opinion, may be of interest to you. We may also contact you for the purpose of receiving feedback on our products, as well as for conducting marketing and other research.

Unless otherwise specified, Tibbo can process provided Personal Data in the following way: store, organize, collect, accumulate, refine, use, de-personalize, transmit this information in order to study the needs of site Visitors and to improve product quality. Tibbo (or others on our behalf as part of ongoing advertising campaigns) can use your Personal Information to contact you; and / or we may provide third parties with generalized (modified) information about visitors or users of the Web sites.

All Web site users, including parents of minors (under eighteen years of age) and the minor users themselves are informed that this Privacy Policy applies only to the Personal Data transmitted by users of the Tibbo Web sites.

Disclosure and Privacy

Tibbo ensures confidentiality of the Personal Data you provide and has the right to transfer it only to persons affiliated with Tibbo or those who have entered into agreements with Tibbo, the terms of which provide for the protection of Personal Data and only for the purposes specified in the Privacy Policy. Tibbo undertakes to prevent unauthorized use of Web sites user’s Personal Data, as well as his employees’ and counterparties’ Personal Data, by any third parties.

Personal data may also be disclosed to law enforcement, supervisory and other authorities, as well as to third parties, in cases requiring mandatory compliance with legal or regulatory obligations or requests.

Additional information automatically received by Tibbo

In some cases, when you connect to the Site, Tibbo may automatically (that is, without registration) receive technical information that is not Personal Data. Such information includes the type of your Internet browser, operating system of your computer, and the domain name of the Internet site with which you accessed the Site.

Cookies. Information automatically placed on your computer

When you visit the Web sites, Tibbo may store some information on your computer. This information takes the form of cookies (small data files that are sent to the hard drive of your computer from the Web sites you visit) or similar and may be useful for solving various problems.

Cookies, for example, help us customize the Site so that it best suits your interests and needs. With most Internet browsers, you can delete cookies from your hard drive, block their saving or receive notifications before they are saved. Please refer to the instructions for using your internet browser or the directory it contains to learn more about these features.

Commitment to principles and legitimacy

In processing your Personal data, Tibbo is governed by its own Privacy Policy, as well as the provisions and principles laid down in the General Regulations of the European Union on the protection of personal data (GDPR). Our highest priority is to protect your rights and legitimate interests and the data you provide to us.


In case of violation of your Personal Data, as well as on any other questions on your Personal Data protection, comments and complaints, please contact us by email: