FreeBSD Monitoring

AggreGate FreeBSD Monitoring

AggreGate Network Manager monitors availability, operability and performance of FreeBSD and OpenBSD operating systems through SNMP (for performance statistics collection), SSH (for remote script execution), FTP (for log file analysis), and Syslog message consolidation.

The Manager scans your network, locates hosts operated by FreeBSD, and adds them to the network inventory. The Manager's bundled CPU load, memory usage and disk utilization models are fully compatible with standard SNMP MIBs supported by FreeBSD (such as RFC-1213 and HOST-RESOURCES), making standard alerts, reports, dashboards and other data processing/visualization tools compatible with FreeBSD hosts.

Other FreeBSD/OpenBSD monitoring and control options include:

Monitoring and alerting for running processes and per-process CPU/memory utilization (collected via SNMP)
Centralized system event processing (events are received via Syslog)
Performing any operations and retrieving custom metrics by remote execution of Shell, Perl, PHP and other scripts (SSH-based)
Remote analysis of system and application logs, such as dmesg (via FTP)
In-depth monitoring of typical applications (such as Apache and MySQL applications)
And more