Data replication

In a large device network, it becomes crucial to find a proper way for managing master copies of data items related to device configuration and cloud-side data analysis.

AggreGate platform has necessary tools for master data management, as well as replication of data between diverse devices and data sources.

AggreGate supports various data replication operations:

  • Performing data cloning, moving and copying operations on configuration of any device or system resource
  • Moving/copying resources and device profiles between servers in a distributed installation or between user accounts
  • Executing full or partial replication of configuration
  • One-to-many replication, i.e. copying settings from one device/resource to a group
  • On-the-fly fine-tuning of replicated settings and properties
  • Replicating settings and properties between differing devices (different firmware versions, etc.)
  • Browsing comprehensive replication status reports
  • Automatically replicating configuration between devices within a group, i.e. any change to one device is automatically copied to the others
  • Defining master copies of device settings for replicating changes to every member of a group
  • Ensuring strict permission control during every operation
  • Caching and delayed writing mechanism allow replicating to devices which are currently offline