Postfix Monitoring

AggreGate Postfix Monitoring

Emailing is a classic means of internal or external business communication operated by a mail server. The server consists of several components turning it into a complex system. Each component enables a certain operation, like email receiving, delivery or resending. The components form an integrated system by tightly intercommunicating with each other. If a mailing system is used for communication with "external" recipients, its mail servers become available to the outside world which arises additional security risks and often leads to a higher system load.

One of the basic mail server components affecting its overall performance is a mail agent. Postfix is an open-source mail agent used by a plenty of mail systems all over the world. It builds a reliable and secure mail server base for small and medium-sized companies.

As a matter of fact, each mail server suffers from the virus, spam and denial-of-service attacks which are followed by a sharp increase in traffic or number of processed emails. On top of that, such attacks may damage or completely block mail services. Keeping track of the server performance and status is obviously important to avoid downtime and potential dangers being also able to reduce the response time. Taking well-timed measures or being ready to shut the system down is a must-have strategy.

AggreGate Network Manager is an efficient Postfix monitoring tool with a comprehensive approach. It clearly reveals the system bottlenecks and takes care of hardware upgrade necessity telling you when the system tuning is needed.

AggreGate Network Manager is a real-time tracker of the mail server performance metrics, such as:

Processor utilization
Memory utilization
Disk space usage
Communication channel usage
Mail database performance metrics
Incoming and outgoing Postfix queue length