Retail and Wholesale Automation

AggreGate makes big technology a reality for retailers offering a complete sales automation solution for your business. It covers both standard IT infrastructure management objectives and industry-specific issues, such as POS monitoring and online trade automation.

Umbrella Infrastructure Monitoring and Management

We provide you with any of the following depending on your specific business needs:

End-to-end inventory for the connected and disconnected assets
Converged monitoring of the corporate IT infrastructure
Proactive monitoring of the online, mobile and fixed PoS application performance
Centralized minimarket and hypermarket building management
Physical security and video monitoring
Sensor-based or camera-based people and vehicle counting
Smart metering and commercial refrigeration efficiency optimization
PCI compliance tracking by providing the centralized equipment configuration management

In addition, the system covers fleet management and monitoring, including:

GNSS-based tracking
Remote vehicle metric tracking
Integration of fleet maps into the situation center dashboards

By installing a dedicated inexpensive edge monitoring and analytics gateway in each store, you benefit from tracking:

POS statistics
IT infrastructure health trends
HVAC/lighting/energy data
Attendance data

Coffee Machine Monitoring at a Fuel Station Chain

Oil and Gas



IoT Platform

The monitoring system was effectively implemented to ensure accounting operations accuracy, reliability, and credibility to cut the end customer’s losses.

Incident and Situation Management

AggreGate is one of the few systems in the world supporting a true distributed architecture. Your corporate command and control center having one or several first-tier servers can be connected with the per-store servers via AggreGate. That is how the centralized near-real-time monitoring, situation management and reporting become available in your corporate HQ.

The basic features available for your business excellence team include:

Visibility from a single point throughout the entire enterprise Incident debriefing and corrective actions supervision
Deep monitoring of the standard and company-specific enterprise applications and business services Any scenarios of northbound integration (data injection) into the financial, accounting, HR, and ERP systems
Modeling of the custom company-wide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by the automated processing of performance metrics collected from diverse systems of a retail network Centralized alarm and incident management for all business edges, from the unit broken/damaged alerts up to the predicted company-wide SLA violations measured by averaging the queue wait times
Coverage of the asset management, service desk, warehouse/logistics, inventory, and stock requirements Multi-sourced theft prevention system fueled by the machine learning algorithms
Event and situation forecasting, on-the-fly decision-making assistance

Monitoring Drive-Thru Service Efficiency in McAuto Restaurants

Retail / Wholesale



IoT Platform

Automated collection and analysis of the service quality data, such as queue length and waiting time. Data acquisition via the customized Tibbo Project System controllers installed in each fast-food restaurant. SaaS offer for franchisees.

Smart Inventory

RFID tagging, conductive ink and other inventory tracking technologies ensure the unprecedentedly high accuracy, reduce the thefts and eliminate the unexpected out-of-stocks. AggreGate plays a key role in this smart inventory scenario, technically enabling the conversion of accurate asset tracking into the higher sales margins.

The platform issues the precise and detailed instructions for local employees, at the same time bridging statistics to the corporate center. Being aggregated throughout the whole network and a significant time period, it serves as a source for the supervised machine learning algorithms that find optimal items to promote and potential bestsellers.

Online Sales Monitoring

The system can be also employed for the end-to-end monitoring of an online sales chain, guaranteeing:

  • Pro-active monitoring of the server and IT equipment health
  • Detailed monitoring of the web store applications and underlying databases
  • Customer experience tracking via the automated browser-driver order/purchase scenario tracing

AggreGate is here to provide an operational excellence for your retail IT team.

Digital Signage and Self-Service Kiosk Management

AggreGate offers a centralized vendor-agnostic control, configuration and management service for the diverse digital signage equipment and self-service kiosks installed in retail stores:

Content distribution and management Centralized schedule configuration
Full integration into the company's global situation center Custom equipment monitoring (agent-based and agentless)
Display of the personalized content based on the visitor tracking Real-time operations control