Java scripts

AggreGate's analytical tools help with most everyday data processing tasks. However, sometimes it’s just not enough. There comes time when you need the power of a full-scale programming language with loops, variables, method declarations, etc.

For this, the AggreGate Server processes scripts written in Java. It runs these scripts within the server’s Java Virtual Machine (JVM), therefore allowing them to access the unified data model in addition to the script's input parameters.

Scripts can be referred from expressions which makes them accessible wherever expressions are used. Widgets may also run operator-side scripts that augment the UI.

Designing scripts in the integrated Java code editor with syntax highlighting, code completion and other typical features is a streamlined process.

Since scripts are written in pure Java, they can access all resources of the machine AggreGate Server is running on:

  • File system
  • Network and serial I/O
  • Console, logging and even UI
  • JVM threads and other OS processes