We Target Your Independence

The supreme goal of AggreGate Platform is making our partners independent from us while building IoT products and digitizing enterprises. We provide quality instruments which ensure you will never get stuck during your project.

Our platform is similar to an operating system. You base your product on its toolset without much talking to a vendor. It just works and allows you to concentrate on business objectives rather than infrastructure.

We travel to our partners mostly for providing a training, and to get a beer while celebrating a successful solution delivery!

Partner network in more than 50 countries


Tibbo is an established supplier of intelligent devices and IoT solutions. We serve a diverse global customer base, including small, medium and large-sized enterprises together with many governmental and educational institutions. Several thousand customers in more than 50 countries rely on Tibbo's technology. This translates into an incredibly developed client base and a superb growth record.

Commitment to our partners


Tibbo is interested in showing you how devoted we are to our partners. Our partner program is of the utmost importance to us. We guarantee that as a partner you will be provided with all tools necessary to make the most of your relationship with Tibbo and help to grow your existing and prospective customer base. At Tibbo, we know that we can do so much more together.

Innovation and flexibility of the AggreGate IoT platform - the heart of Tibbo's success


Tibbo understands that in today's competitive international IT market, only the companies tirelessly striving for better will succeed. At the heart of Tibbo's success lies the unrelenting spirit of innovation. Tibbo's solutions are prized for their cutting-edge quality and ease of use. As a partner, you can trust Tibbo continually seeking new and better ways to meet the needs of demanding IT professionals.

Market Opportunities

Market opportunities in the era of e-business are increasingly heterogeneous and call for new tools and strategies to automate operations, boost system reliability and reduce infrastructure costs. That's why our easy-to-use and affordable device management solutions have recently seen an explosive demand. Moreover, this trend is likely to continue.

Experts predict that the IoT market will grow to nearly $2.5 trillion worldwide by 2022. The stakes are high. By teaming up with us, you can play a full role in an exciting bid to increase our share of this lucrative market.

AggreGate partner program comprises several levels of commitment implying different benefits:

Sales support within AggreGate partner program

Sales Support

  • Multiple tiers with high marginal discounts
  • Sales training that helps you better understand our typical end customers
  • Free pre-sales support to help you win your first opportunities faster
  • Product and solution demonstrations conducted by Tibbo application engineers
  • Free licenses for your AggreGate demo servers
  • Lead generation system for long-standing partners
  • On-site assistance in large opportunities
Marketing support within AggreGate partner program

Marketing Support

  • Joint press releases and case studies
  • Mature sales/partner kits with tons of marketing materials
  • Listing in a partner locator
  • Social media marketing and webinars
  • Joint marketing development funds
  • Integration of non-OEM derived products into our marketing strategy
  • Separate technology alliance partner program
Project support within AggreGate partner program

Project Support

  • System architecture design assistance
  • On-site engineer and developer training programs
  • A wide range of professional services
  • Guided deployment and administration
  • Direct influence on the product roadmap
  • Quick and adequate responses to issues arising in complex system integration projects
  • Turnkey delivery and development sub-contracts whenever you're short in resources or find it more efficient
  • On-premise or cloud-based platform instances

Channel Partners

Our channel partnership program targets value-added resellers, system integrators, and engineering companies. Qualified and interested companies are welcome to apply. At Tibbo, we hold our professional partnerships in the highest regard and are interested in offering the most excellent quality of assistance.

Tibbo Partner Program. Authorized, Gold and Platinum Partners

Three tiers of Partner certification (Authorized, Gold, and Platinum) assume different levels of commitment evaluated by the marketing strategy, sales volume, level of training, and ability to support customers.

OEM Partners

Hardware manufacturers supply branded AggreGate packages to provide monitoring and management infrastructure for their devices. If you are an OEM/ODM company, we may negotiate a special agreement that will allow you to ship AggreGate to your customers creating a minimal cost overhead.

Another branch of OEM partnership program is devoted to telecoms and MSPs who are building IoT services rendered from their cloud. Those services normally abide by SaaS/PaaS model.

Referrals and Consultants

Registered referral and consultant partners neither require formal agreement with us nor resell our solutions by signing contracts with end customers, which makes it very easy to join our team. While referrals just pass leads to our sales team, consultants are expected to perform some initial customer follow-up, e.g. demonstrate the solution during a site visit.

We welcome all interested one-time resellers and system integrators seeking top of the line device management solutions for their clients. With a 10-20% bonus reckoned from the full project budget and negotiable high volume bonuses, this partnership level enables you to instantly reap the rewards of collaborating with Tibbo.

Alliance Partners

Tibbo and our technology alliance partners join efforts to enable customers building various IoT solutions by using certified hardware devices, proved communication channels and connectivity services, as well as pre-integrated business intelligence systems.

How to Apply

Please fill in the application form. Once your application is processed (in approximately 5 business days), a partnership representative will contact you to negotiate the details.