IoT Solutions for Finance and Insurance Companies

No need to say that information systems are driving all financial and insurance institutions nowadays. For instance, a millisecond advantage in the network latency can completely invert a trading application's success. More and more companies realize the need for a reliable infrastructure monitoring solution.

Umbrella Infrastructure Management

AggreGate offers a complete monitoring for organizations which need to deliver operational analytics to gain the end-to-end actionable insights across their entire infrastructure. The system covers the following scope of work:

  • Monitoring and management of the corporate IT infrastructure
  • Real-time operational intelligence across the enterprise applications and business services
  • Building automation for the corporate offices and facilities
  • Security and compliance management, including the PCI DSS compliance monitoring
  • Call center VoIP infrastructure and SLA compliance monitoring
  • ATM monitoring

Profound Analytics for IT

When it comes to some specific analytics or integration you need, here is what AggreGate offers to your business:

  • Deep multilateral monitoring of the online and mobile banking services via Java/.NET application analysis and automated browser-based customer experience tracking
  • Branch-to-branch and branch-to-HQ WAN channel monitoring, independent link quality arbitration for any case of the service provider discords
  • Corporate VPN traffic flow decomposition, analysis and visualization
  • Comprehensive visibility of the FIX-based systems ensured by the order execution and queue length tracking
  • SLA breach prediction and capacity planning for the mission-critical applications and underlying hardware
  • Northbound integration with the corporate ITSM systems by forwarding network incidents into the Service Desk/Helpdesk, converting them into trouble tickets and further automatic ticket update upon the incident resolution

AggreGate provides NOC and IT teams with the end-to-end visibility and DoS/DDoS protection via integration with:

  • Diverse port aggregators
  • Demarcation probes installed at the corporate VPN edges
  • Packet-level traffic filters
  • Intelligent firewalls
  • Any other rare SNMP-enabled equipment

Note that the system allows building a single converged command and control center for the whole infrastructure. Moreover, AggreGate boasts of a distributed monitoring with fully functional branch servers and local history/statistics databases instead of the probes sending data to HQ and causing an excessive WAN channel usage in the corporate VPN.

Flexibility of the AggreGate Internet of Things Platform guarantees that any company-specific equipment or business service data processing/visualization task will be solved by using the integrated data mining and management tools for configuring the required business rule chains and new operator dashboards.

SIEM for SWIFT Network

Financial and Insurance

Not Disclosed


Network Manager

Event monitoring of the bank information security subsystems.

Leased and Security Asset Management

AggreGate enables monitoring and management of the pledged physical assets, such as machinery, equipment and vehicles. Insurance and leasing companies can leverage this to:

  • Introduce the usage-based service pricing
  • Track the status and health of expensive machines
  • Initiate the audits in case of major alerts, such as shocks or overvoltages
  • Prohibit the usage of non-paid financed assets
  • Assist the asset recovery via location tracking

Self-Service Kiosks and Digital Signage Management

AggreGate Platform is adapted for the vendor-neutral management of the digital signage equipment and self-service kiosks installed in retail offices. It offers:

  • Centralized content management
  • Centralized schedule configuration
  • Integration into the company-wide situation management process
  • Custom equipment monitoring (agent-based and agentless)
  • Comprehensive live control