Customer Installation Auditing

So, you have finished setting up AggreGate for your enterprise, and now you want to know if you've done a good job. That's what our audit service is for: our support staff will do two distinct audit cycles for your installation.

Security Auditing

This is a service wherein our staff attempt to hack into your system through any and all means possible. Web-based attacks, device-based attacks and any other possible security holes they can come up with. This process results in a detailed Security Report, which you can analyze together with our engineers and see what security policies and guidelines you need to implement so that your system is fully hardened.

Performance Auditing

Here we look for any possible slow-downs in your system. We attempt to eliminate any cause for the non-optimum performance, be it a database configuration, overly complex system operations which can be simplified, or even hardware troubles. In this case, you also get a complete Performance Report with our engineers' recommendation for the smoother AggreGate operation.