Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers to the frequently asked questions regarding our products and services.

For further information about AggreGate software or more technical questions, please visit our Online Support Center. For a product overview, look at our Solutions page.

I'm going to build my custom IoT application. How can AggreGate help?

AggreGate is a set of software "bricks" designed to facilitate IoT application development and shorten its time-to-market. Just assemble those bricks into your redistributable product.

There are many IoT platforms on the market. Why do you think AggreGate is better?

AggreGate ecosystem includes several out-of-the-box vertical market products. Most IoT applications are not 100% custom, and therefore you can partially base them on one of those products (say, SCADA or IT Infrastructure Management) rather than developing them from scratch. This will decrease development costs and further shorten time-to-market.

How long has AggreGate been available on the market?

We started AggreGate far before the IoT term was first proposed. Development was started back in 2001, and the first public release was ready by 2004. In 2008, AggreGate Network Manager opened the line of AggreGate-based vertical market products, followed by AggreGate SCADA/HMI in 2010.

Is AggreGate license time-limited?

Every typical AggreGate license is perpetual (one-time fee). Time-limited licenses are only available within custom SaaS/PaaS purchases.

What licensing scheme is used for AggreGate products?

We offer per-server licenses. A price of a server license is defined by the solution type (technically, a set of included modules), scaling parameters, and use of failover clustering. License scaling depends on the solution you choose. For example, AggreGate Network Manager license price is given per a single AggreGate server depending on directly connected device/data source count (typically, it's a number of IP network nodes). While AggreGate SCADA/HMI price is given per one AggreGate server depending on I/O channel (tag) count. In a distributed installation, multiple server licenses can be purchased with a volume discount.

Can I extend my license if the number of devices or channels grows?

Yes, it is possible to extend the license when the number of devices/channels grows by paying the license price difference.

Can I change types or editions of AggreGate-based products used within a production AggreGate installation?

Yes, it is possible by paying the license price difference between two product types/editions.

Is there any trial version available? Where can I download it?

Yes, there is. We offer to download a fully-functional 30-day trial license with the 100 device limit from the Downloads section on our website. To download a fully-functional 30-day AggreGate Network Manager trial license, you can click here, for AggreGate SCADA/HMI go here, and download AggreGate Time and Attendance trial license from here.

Can I get a maintenance contract after purchasing AggreGate licenses?

Yes, the license price includes the first year of software warranty and annual maintenance contract. The maintenance is provided via our web community or a support request form. Once this period elapses, the contract renewal costs 20% of the license price. All minor product upgrades (e.g., from 5.1x.xx to 5.2x.xx) are provided for no additional charge while the contract is in force.

Can I get AggreGate upgrades after license purchasing?

The first year of software warranty and maintenance under AMS contract includes all product upgrades (e.g., from 5.xx.xx to 5.yy.yy). Once this period expires, AMS contract can be renewed for 20% of the license price.

How can I get a new version of AggreGate, e.g., upgrade software version from 5.xx.xx to 6.xx.xx?

Complete product upgrades cost 50% of the license price.

Can I get a license discount as a system integrator, software reseller or VAR?

Yes. AggreGate partners get a significant discount depending on the level of their involvement in projects. The more involved you get, the bigger discount level you receive.

How can I become your official partner or distributor?

We have an official partner program with partnership tiers from authorized to platinum, a flexible discounting system and a partner deal protection policy. We offer free pre-sale support and other benefits. Please, contact our business development team and find out more about partnership terms.

I’m a hardware vendor. How can I become your OEM partner?

We have vast experience in cooperation with equipment manufacturers all over the globe. AggreGate Platform and derived vertical market solutions provide rebranding and redistribution possibilities after signing an OEM contract. Please, contact the business development team and find out more about OEM partnership terms.

What kind of services do you provide?

We provide a full range of professional services, including turnkey deployment, OEM/ODM project management, design consulting, training, technical support, branding, custom AggreGate-based development, PaaS/SaaS, and more.

What is AggreGate from the technical point of view?

Technically, AggreGate is a set of highly-modular cross-platform Java-based applications and APIs that solve five objectives: acquisition of device data, its storage, processing, visualization and further integration into other enterprise applications. Take a look at the big picture of AggreGate architecture.

What data storage types does AggreGate support?

You can use relational databases, such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, and others. It is also possible to use Key-value and NoSQL databases embedded into AggreGate Platform.

Can AggreGate run on Linux?

Yes, AggreGate is a cross-platform product, it can be installed on all versions of Linux, Windows, and even Mac OS. AggreGate Server and other components can even run on embedded Linux systems based on ARM architecture.

What are the hardware requirements and sizing suggestions?

Please check them in the relevant manual chapter.

How is building a high availability system supported in AggreGate?

AggreGate supports both storage-level failover and application-level failover. See failover clustering for more information.

Does AggreGate have a web interface?

Yes, we call it AggreGate Web Desktop. It is an HTML5-based web interface compatible with tablets, smartphones, and other non-Java devices.

Is there a mobile application for AggreGate?

Currently, there's no "all-in-one" mobile application that substitutes AggreGate's Unified Console or Web Desktop. However, we provide an open-source SDK for mobile application development.

Is it possible to scale the system horizontally for collecting data from several locations, balancing the load or other purposes?

Yes, you can use the distributed architecture seamlessly woven into all modules of AggreGate.

Is it possible to scale the system vertically for building a multi-tier installation and assigning different roles to servers working in different logical layers?

Yes, the distributed architecture solves this task, too.

Can I install AggreGate in a network without Internet access?

Yes, you can. Please use our "full" installers available in Downloads to install AggreGate.

Can I use AggreGate as a SaaS solution?

Yes, you can contact our team to find out AggreGate licensing options aligned with the SaaS model.

Can I install AggreGate on a virtual machine, say, VMware?

Yes, sure. You can install the AggreGate server on a virtual machine. If automatic VM migration is not enabled in your virtual infrastructure, we recommend installing the AggreGate server and AggreGate's database server on virtual machines running on different physical servers.

Can I install AggreGate on my ARM-based single-board computers, such as Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone?

Yes, you can. You’ll need a special distribution package without Java. It’s available in Downloads on our website. Follow the installation instructions in our documentation.

Is AggreGate secure?

We follow the best practices in software security while designing and developing the Platform. AggreGate core inherits the role-based access control model enabling multi-user and multi-tenant installations. External authentication (e.g., via Active Directory or LDAP) is supported. IP-based communications between all AggreGate components (servers, consoles, agents) are all SSL-secured. All system components, such as alerts, models or queries, inherit permissions of their owners, effectively getting access only to the data accessible for them. AggreGate also offers flexible user password management and expiration policies.

How can AggreGate collect data from the IoT world?

AggreGate supports many communication protocols. It can acquire scalar values (numbers, strings, or dates), as well as any structured data (tables, arrays, objects, hierarchies). It can also collect data by executing various method/procedure/function calls and receiving events from external systems.

What integration possibilities are supported by AggreGate?

AggreGate can expose data through the protocols that can be used for data acquisition. Integration via SOAP, REST and similar protocols allows full server control as well as pulling any structured data from the AggreGate's unified data model.

Can I extend AggreGate programmatically, i.e. by developing new modules or connectors?

Of course. AggreGate Platform provides open-source SDK and APIs. You can extend server components by developing new device drivers and data storage/processing/visualization modules in Java. You can also gain full remote server control capabilities via APIs for Java, .NET, C/C++, and mobile platforms. APIs for all those platforms are also available for developing AggreGate agents.

What sort of user interface constructor is used by AggreGate?

We use our home-grown UI Builder allowing you to build interfaces of any complexity easily and fast. The UI builder can be used for designing dynamic dashboards, maps, forms, plans, reports, HMIs, widgets, and other types of UI. All created interfaces are compatible with desktop and mobile web browsers.

What is the maximal device count supported by a single AggreGate installation?

The maximal device count is effectively limited by hardware performance. Currently, a single AggreGate installation supports up to 100 000 devices while larger installations should be based on the distributed architecture. For more information, check here.

Can I look at some examples of successfully deployed AggreGate solutions in a particular field?

Yes, you can check the Customers page on our website. For more detailed information, please contact our sales department. You’ll learn more about the cases and meet our partners or customers if needed.

Online Purchasing

How do I purchase AggreGate license online?

In order to purchase AggreGate license directly on the website you must have an account and be logged in.
To pay in USD, please use the English version of the website.

  1. Choose your product and proceed to purchase with a "Buy" button. You will be redirected to the next page to check your order details and confirm the purchase
  2. If you are a legal entity, please check the corresponding box at the bottom of the order list and add information about your company to the appeared form
  3. Please read and accept Privacy Policy and Offer Contract before you proceed to payment with the "Complete Order" button
  4. Once everything is done, a payment service widget will appear, where you can select a payment method and complete your purchase.

How do I receive the license key for AggreGate license I've purchased?

To activate your commercial license, please follow the below instructions:

  1. Download AggreGate installer (any version with IoT Platform modules included)
  2. Install your production instance of AggreGate Server
  3. Find your activation key (see instructions here)
  4. Send your activation key and your order number as a response to the email you'll receive from us after a successful purchase
  5. Expect your commercial license to be provided within one business day.

If your production server is not ready yet, you can request your commercial license later.

How can I get a refund for the purchased AggreGate licenses?

Refund policies are available in the Offer Contract. If you're willing to get a refund, please contact us referring to your order number.

Are there any export limitations to deliver your licenses?

As far as we know, there are no export restrictions on our licenses in other countries.

Do you store or process my payment method information?

We do not store or process any payment method information of our customers. All payment procedures are processed by the secure payment system.