AggreGate workflows

Workflows are visually designed flow-based actions that combine server-side logic with operator interactions. There can be an unlimited number of concurrent event-initiated threads in any workflow.

Typical workflow applications include data orchestration, business process management, machine-readable knowledge bases, and much more.

Workflow-based data processing and decision-making algorithms can be implemented by anyone who doesn’t have even basic scripting and programming language knowledge. Flow blocks are just wired to each other using drag-and-drop.

Workflows are stored in XML format but compiled into pure Java code on startup, so their performance is high comparing with interpreted languages. Visual workflow builder leverages from the integrated debugger enabling step-by-step diagnosis of interactions between workflow blocks.

Interaction of workflow steps

Steps of workflows can interact with:

  • Unified data model - via reading/writing variables and calling functions
  • Human operators - via executing UI procedures

This effectively gives a workflow properly authorized access to all data flowing within the platform. Workflows are lightweight and capable of running in embedded environments or IoT gateways and low-cost single-board computers.