IBM AIX Monitoring

AggreGate IBM AIX Monitoring

AggreGate Network Manager can monitor availability, operability and performance of the IBM AIX operating system through SNMP, SSH-based remote script execution and FTP-based log file monitoring. The monitoring server also consolidates Syslog messages sent by AIX servers.

The Network Manager auto-detects and reports AIX OS in the network inventory. The Manager's CPU load, memory usage and disk utilization models are pre-configured to support AIX SNMP MIBs, making standard alerts, reports, dashboards and other data processing/visualization tools compatible with AIX.

Other metrics exposed by AIX servers and monitored by the Network Manager include:

Disk I/O performance, i.e. per-second read/write rates (available via SNMP)
Detailed information about running processes (available via SNMP)
Logging performed by the errpt command (available via SSH)
Printer queue (available via SSH)
User activities (consolidated via Syslog)
Security events (consolidated via Syslog)
And more