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The Internet of Things market is rapidly evolving. Increasingly, companies invest in IoT projects to improve existing manufacturing processes and create new opportunities.

Explore the world of digital transformation, building your competency in AggreGate technology, recognized as the best solution for the Industrial Internet of Things and Smart Cities by the IoT Awards expert jury, and used by leading companies and system integrators.

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University IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Our Training Courses

AggreGate Platform Basic

A course offering an overview of AggreGate IoT Platform capabilities. Get to know the key modules necessary for the primary use case of building an IoT application, from devices’ connection to data processing to creating user interfaces.

AggreGate Network Manager

An overview of AggreGate IoT Platform and Network Manager solution capabilities. Familiarize yourself with IT infrastructure monitoring and management functionality offered by Network Manager.


An overview of AggreGate IoT Platform and SCADA/HMI solution capabilities. Learn SCADA/HMI and platform modules functionality designed for industrial automation tasks.

AggreGate Machine Learning

An overview of AggreGate IoT Platform and machine learning modules capabilities aimed at enterprise predictive analytics and quality assurance tasks.

AggreGate Development & Integration

An advanced training course for those who have already completed Aggregate Basic course gaining the knowledge of the platform key modules, and now want to learn how to extend the platform’s functionality by creating custom modules.

AggreGate group training courses are held online regularly, based on a schedule. Each is a course in one subject, with each class consisting of a theoretical part and hands-on practice:

AggreGate Platform Basic
AggreGate Network Manager
AggreGate Machine Learning
AggreGate Development and Integration

Representatives from other companies may take a group course together with you, so you might not have to pay the full price for the course, only a part depending on the number of trainees from your company.

The full details of the AggreGate group course you selected, along with the technical requirements for participation are provided either upon request or after registering for a course.

AggreGate customized training course can be held for your company’s employees, adjusted to company specialization or even to a specific project.

AggreGate Platform Basic
AggreGate Network Manager
AggreGate Machine Learning
AggreGate Development and Integration

The customized training can be held in-person or online. It includes a theoretical part and hands-on practice. The training modules to be included in a custom course could be flexibly chosen from the list of over 50 available modules based on your priorities.

A customized training enables you to explore the key platform components you select, as well as have a detailed look into the system’s development and operation aspects you’re interested in.

A training group can have up to 8 members.

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