Event Management & Data Logging

AggreGate provides a flexible event management and data logging solution for real-time collection and storage of events from all kinds of sources, including servers, workstations, different networked devices, and sensors.

The system is ideal for proactive monitoring and ensuring compatibility with the compliance requirements, such as SOX and HIPAA.

AggreGate for Event Consolidation

Real-time event monitoring Advanced expression-based alerts and multiple notification methods
Receiving and consolidating SNMP traps, Syslog messages and Windows Event Log events Event correlation for activating/deactivating alerts by the paired events
Collecting the events from 3rd party systems using the flat files, database or custom APIs Support for pending alerts and alert escalation
Monitoring the log files and folder contents, auto-finding the text patterns in files Automatic self-healing actions and interactive corrective actions
Tracking the disk space utilization and CPU load Fetching and aggregating the historical events by expression-based filtering, query language or native SQL
Monitoring the health of services, processes and applications Building custom reports in the integrated report editor
Periodic device polling, configurable collection and storage of custom status metrics Customizable dashboards and a widget editor
Environment and performance monitoring Exporting events to different formats
Receiving e-mail messages and using them as alert triggers Open-source APIs for sharing both historical and real-time events with other systems
Flexible event filters and a specialized filter expression language Associating the custom asset tracking profile with every event source
Custom rule-based highlighting in the Event Log Tracking the events prior to an IT asset failure
Multiple databases are supported for the data storage Providing the compliance with federal regulations

Event Flow

The AggreGate's advanced event management tools allow implementing the complex strategies involving real-time monitoring, filtering, aggregation, masking, acknowledgment, enrichment, correlation, and root cause analysis.

Event flow
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