What do customers say about Tibbo and AggreGate IoT Platform? Read on!

Gazpromneft-Center company has successfully cooperated with Obyedinenie Agregeit LLC (Tibbo Systems – Eds.) in Infrastructure Monitoring Center (IMC) development. Tibbo Systems has proved to be a reliable and professional partner. We really appreciate Tibbo team great professionalism and skill that ensure timely and high-level completion of any task. Tibbo engineers are always here to help and provide technical support.

Gazpromneft-Center wants to thank Tibbo Systems and looks forward to further cooperation to use Tibbo’s unparalleled innovations in our most interesting and complicated projects.

О. Kuzmenkov   |   CEO
Gazpromneft-Center LLC

Annet company would like to thank Tibbo Systems for successful and fruitful cooperation in the project involving a monitoring system based on AggreGate Network Manager software. As a result of this work, we obtained a reliable and state-of-the-art solution allowing us to get the latest information about performance and availability of network equipment, time-based or territory-based traffic utilization statistics. Topology determination and event correlation algorithms implemented in AggreGate helped the technical stuff respond quickly to a wide range of DTN and equipment issues as well as identify which part of our infrastructure needs to be upgraded or pre-plan the network growth. We wish to emphasize high professionalism of the Tibbo team, their ability to find optimal solutions to our problems.

We recommend Tibbo as a responsible and reliable partner in implementing projects for IT infrastructure and data network monitoring and management.

Kupriyanov K.   |   CEO
Annet LLC

We were impressed by the AggreGate’s capabilities. We had to spend much time to get used to the product, and your elaborate and well-described documentation helped us a lot. Not to mention your timely response helped us to complete the job in time.

Ravindra Puthuraya   |   Chairman & Director
SIVARA Automation and Controls Pvt Ltd.

I didn’t think this was possible. The solution completely exceeds my expectations! This Building Management System will greatly contribute to lowering our electricity expenses.

Lood de Jager   |   Consulting Engineer
Electoral Commission of Namibia

AggreGate gave us a ready-to-use solution. Thus, we didn’t have to create a complex online device management system from scratch. The only job was integration with our service.

Dariusz Mitka   |   Project Manager

AggreGate Network Management system deployed by Tibbo as scheduled in our agreement fully complies with our project requirements and is working to our complete satisfaction.

Executive Director
Svyaz Service LLC

I am pleased that Tibbo engineers were so kind to participate in this event (A lecture for senior students in the MTUCI - Ed.). We’re also excited to realize that there is such a high-technology company in Russia competing with the world biggest corporations. I’m looking forward to our partnership continuation and count on Tibbo’s support in our academic programme development.

Vasily Morozov   |   Senior Teacher
Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI)

Dear Victor Aleksandrovich! On behalf of EMERCOM Chief Directorate in Tver region, I thank you and Tibbo Systems employees for the extensive support and assistance in communication and alerting systems monitoring in Tver and Tver region. Mainly, I would like to appreciate the work of Dmitry Moiseev, Head of Deployment Department. His competence and subject knowledge allowed to implement the solution in the shortest time possible. We look forward to further cooperation.

A.R. Grigoryan   |   Major General of Domestic Services
EMERCOM of Russia in Tver region

AggreGate Platform is a non-typical system with rich functionality. Thus, we've decided to study the product profoundly and thoroughly. The system's completely met our expectations! It's a very flexible tool for understanding various hardware pieces and software data sources. It allows creating scalable applications. We were really impressed by AggreGate solutions and will use the system for our projects.

Mikhail Puchnin   |   Head of Development Department
Sputnik-Integration LLC

The system is incredibly flexible and allows us to satisfy the needs of our customers. With its rich functionality, it has allowed us to implement all aspects of integration, visualization and analytics. We are grateful to the Tibbo Systems team for their professional assistance and support to implement and use efficiently the product capabilities!

Marina Nedyalkova   |   SCADA Engineer
Solarpro Holding

We have developed a free app “Tumar” for the farming community. It helps the stock-farmer to increase the farm efficiency, control grazing land quality and cattle survival through the Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

Marat Auezov   |   Business Solution Development Director

Our eManager product is based on the Tibbo's AggreGate Platform. Fully integrated into eSite, our hybrid power solution for telecom sites, eManager is an all-in-one toolbox for optimizing site power and reliability. Cloud- or server-based, eManager provides a one-stop interface for remote management and optimization of all the eSites in a network. Our relationship with Tibbo is now in its fourth year. During that time, Tibbo have not simply provided us with their AggreGate product but have supported us with services to implement and better realize its capabilities. As such, we have evolved beyond a simple customer/supplier model towards a broader partnership and our ongoing cooperation has undoubtedly brought some additional value and business opportunities to both our companies.

We highly recommend Tibbo and look forward to continuing our work with them in the future.

David King   |   CEO

Pony Express is the largest CIS multi-purpose logistic operator with more than 60 branches in Russia as well as representative offices in 6 countries. Our company uses a wide range of modern infrastructure solutions and collaborates with a lot of communications service providers. Managing a complex distributed IT infrastructure is impossible without a flexible and functional monitoring tool. By deploying AggreGate Network Manager, we obtained such a tool. AggreGate system allows seeing a full picture of what is happening with the equipment and mission-critical applications. It reports about potential problems before they occur, while the system's flexibility allows implementing non-standard custom solutions. Using AggreGate Network Manager indeed helps to operate and plan the further Pony Express IT infrastructure development.

Ilya Arsentyev   |   IT Director
Pony Express

For more than ten years our company has been involved in development of management systems and automation technologies for the mining industry. Advanced SCADA performing real-time data visualization collected from a controllable object is an essential attribute of any management system. The scope poses specific requirements for such visualization systems, which are tracking critical parameters, archiving large data quantities, generating reports, forecasting maintenance and downtime, alarming, and many more. During the process of custom SCADA development, our company implemented and tested various solutions. In October 2014, the Advanced Development Department presented a summary of existing SCADA systems where they emphasized the Tibbo solution. After reviewing a trial version, Tibbo engineers were invited for providing a training course and consulting services on a pilot project development. Here are the highlighted solution benefits:

  • A large number of communication protocols supported by the system
  • Unique platform architecture
  • Unified data model makes it easy to insert additional software objects into the system
  • System openness makes it possible to interact with any software modules
  • Extra options for configuring animations using SVG images
  • Unlimited possibilities on building new HMIs
  • Cross-platform system able to operate under different operating systems and hardware platforms
  • Flexible licensing policy
  • Well-developed data storage subsystem, charting, reporting

I want to commend the TIbbo’s work. The platform updates are regularly released, while the issues related to implementation, operation, development and compliance with comments are resolved promptly.

Vladimir Semeshov   |   First Deputy General Director
NPF Automatic LLC

Thank you very much for a job well done and on time!

Christian Tors   |   Project Engineer
Okorusu Fluorspar Mine

NPK Novitek is grateful to Tibbo Systems for the fruitful cooperation in implementing the projects. We really appreciate their qualified assistance in addressing different issues with the system deployment and configuration. We’ve built our own solutions on the basis of IoT platform AggreGate for use in mining industry and energy management systems implementation. Our company could see the benefits of the platform’s flexibility and scalability. Its functionality can be extended and tailored to satisfy the customer’s needs.NPK Novitek is sure that AggreGate platform is an optimal tool that helps equipment manufacturers to create solutions for the Internet of Things.

Е.А. Ivashkevich   |   Managing Director
«NPK Novitek»

Technology Leaders Co. LTD. would like to appreciate Tibbo for their significant contribution and extensive support extended during the completion of software integration for our KJO Project (Customer-Aramco). We are very delighted and thankful for the services and dedication delivered by Tibbo's staff during the completion of the phase in a timely and efficient manner. Tibbo deserves a great appreciation for their valued teamwork. We anticipate the same response and services for our future requirements.

Syed Rasheed   |   Business Development Manager
Technology Leaders Co. LTD.

The modeling system is remarkably flexible and allows to quickly shape and scale models of almost any instance (physical objects, processes). This, together with the variety of drivers, is, to my mind, the main advantage of AggreGate system. There’s a set of potentially useful modules and options - machine learning, Workflow, distributed architecture support). Users can enjoy lookback analysis.

Evgeny Jakobson   |   Senior Software Engineer

Smart Manhole project enables real-time control of the utility infrastructure proper maintenance and getting notifications on unauthorized hatch openings to take timely measures. This secures citizens against falling into sewer manholes.

Alexander Koretsky   |   CEO

If you are using AggreGate and have something to say, any feedback is highly appreciated! Mail us to aggregate@tibbo.com