Web-Based SCADA

AggreGate Web-Based SCADA

AggreGate SCADA/HMI is natively designed to run on the web.

There are two versions of the browser-based UI, a Java version that includes HMI and report editors and an HTML5 version that can perfectly run on tablets and smartphones.

HTML5 SCADA deployment enables any HMIs, dashboards, forms, maps, and facility/floor plans to run on any mobile devices that have a JavaScript support. The web-based UI is not limited by its capabilities: you can configure the data acquisition, storage, processing, visualization, as well as administer the server and configure enterprise integration scenarios. The system operators can operate any HMIs in a regular mode, exactly in the way performed in the desktop-based AggreGate Unified Console.

The web client can auto-switch between failover cluster nodes if the IP load balancing is configured. It can also access multiple servers that are interconnected via the AggreGate distributed architecture.

No software or browser plugins need to be installed on the operator machines and devices to operate a web HMI. In addition, the web SCADA server can also run on Windows, Linux and even Mac – you are free to choose.