Release 4.3

Major features and improvements introduced in AggreGate 4.3:

Mac OS support New Web Desktop UI
Device Discovery Database server monitoring
Dynamic Device Maps Local file/folder monitoring
Improved Dashboards Expression Language improvements (tens of new functions, bitwise operations, type conversion, etc.)
Extended Device Status Exporting events from Event Log
IP Host Device Driver Emailing reports in different formats (PDF, CSV, RTF, XLS, ODT, XML, etc.)
Syslog Server Firebird database server support
Custom Properties 300+ other improvements and bugfixes

Mac OS support. Both AggreGate LinkServer and AggreGate Client are now compatible with Mac OS operating system. Mac OS bundles are available in the Downloads section.

AggreGate Release 4.3. Mac OS support

Device Discovery. Discovery process finds any IP-enabled devices in your network by using ping, SNMP, port scanning, and other methods. Device types, available services and applications are auto-detected. Discovery may be scheduled for automatic execution.

AggreGate Release 4.3.Device Discovery

Dynamic Device Maps. Create network maps, facility/floor plans. Add colorized device icons with dynamic status indication.

AggreGate Release 4.3. Dynamic Device Maps

Improved Dashboards. Fine-grained dashboard component placement control. Dashboards are now stored on the server and shared between operator workspaces.

AggreGate 4.3. Improved Dashboards

Extended Device Status. Device status icons may optionally indicate a detailed synchronization progress.

Extended Device Status in AggreGate 4.3

IP Host Device Driver. Used for monitoring different services and applications running on a network host.

AggreGate Release 4.3. IP Host Device Driver

Syslog Server. Receive, aggregate, filter and browse Linux/Unix Syslog messages. Syslog events are converted to AggreGate events which may trigger alerts, start corrective actions, etc.

AggreGate Release 4.3. Syslog Server

Custom Properties. Add any number of properties to devices or system resources in a user-defined format.

Custom Properties of AggreGate 4.3

New Web Desktop user interface. AggreGate Web Desktop is a lightweight analog of the desktop Client software for AggreGate operators who don't need advanced development features, such as GUI Builder or Report Editor.

AggreGate 4.3. New Web Desktop user interface