Tibbo Launches AggreGate - A Complete Device Management Solution For Distributed Systems

Taipei, Taiwan - Tibbo Technology Inc. - Continuing on its path of offering hardware, software, and tools that simplify the design of embedded networked devices and systems, Tibbo Technology Inc. has today announced its new AggreGate device management solution. AggreGate's patent-pending technology facilitates seamless integration of remote nodes under one umbrella system, thus affording its users centralized configuration, control, and monitoring of their devices, machinery and equipment.

AggreGate is the new generation of the software that started its development as Tibbo LinkServer. While the original LinkServer was merely a "communications facilitator", the new AggreGate "understands" connected devices. Central to the functionality of AggreGate is the concept of representing connected devices as "objects" with properties ("settings", conventionally), methods (actions that can be done with the device), and events. This allows the AggreGate Server to instantly understand and adapt to any new compatible device without the need of any special configuration on the Server side. Using a new Client software component, multiple users can now interact with devices and control their operation, alter their configurations, and monitor generated events. The system also implements robust SQL-based reporting capabilities, interfacing to 3rd party systems, as well as automatic tasking, action sequencing, monitoring and alerts.

Practically any hardware device can be adapted to work with AggreGate. New devices are connected to the system using Tibbo's programmable modules, such as the EM1000 BASIC-programmable Embedded Module, or using a software plugin. To simplify integration with AggreGate, Tibbo will offer code snippets, libraries, and application examples written in Tibbo BASIC.

AggreGate can be used as the core of any near-real-time solution, such as an access control system featuring multiple access panels. AggreGate can integrate and control all hardware required for such a system, thus serving as the "back-end software" of the operation. Other potential uses include applications as diverse as sensor networks, industrial automation, data collection, retail, vehicle monitoring and transportation. AggreGate can even be used for free by hobbyists to control their own devices in home automation and other projects.

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