AggreGate 5.2 Comes with Unified Search and Big Data Storage

AggreGate 5.2 with Unified Search and Big Data Storage

Taipei, Taiwan - Tibbo, a leading manufacturer of IoT devices and intelligent device management software, today announced release 5.2 of AggreGate IoT Integration Platform.

Being the first major release in 2015, AggreGate 5.2 delivers Big Data support, unified search capabilities, Business Intelligence (BI) engine, C/C++ Agent SDK and other valuable core features, as well as improvements of all vertical market extension packs including Network Manager and SCADA/HMI.

New AggreGate got a unified search window that digs data across the whole system and instantly provides results based on a pre-indexed database. The highly customizable search robot indexes contexts, variable/function/event/action definitions, as well as variable values. Search results immediately reflect system changes.

Besides that AggreGate 5.2 brings a whole new level of intelligence to the Platform by introducing two new core modules: Mass object management and Object dashboards. Ideas and technologies behind this business intellingence engine are very generic and flexible. It allows to implement new business objects (such as assets, maintenance orders or data center information management), add attributes to them, and store millions of object instances in a relational database to allow quick browsing, searching and filtering.

AggreGate platform keeps up with the mainstream and now allows NoSQL databases to be used as configuration and event storage. Apache Cassandra and BerkleyDB Java Edition being used together ensure extremely fast persistent configuration updates and very high history/event storage rates.

Among other major improvements are: steady state mode suitable for kiosks and dedicated operator PCs, new video streaming protocols, network topology map layout persistence, new device drivers (Local Agent, Local System and Omron FINS), improved topology discovery via CDP/LLDP and more. Detailed information on the new release is available at

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